Have you heard of this new concept called “Internet of Things”? After Big Data and Cloud Computing, this is the next big thing in the intelligence technology market. Simply put, the Internet of Things is a network which lets you control all electrical/electronic devices in your home or workplace, looping them into a central processing network which you control. So imagine if you’ve gone on a vacation and suddenly remember that you’ve forgot to turn the geyser off. In any other scenario, you would bemoan your folly and wait until your return.

Now imagine if you could turn that geyser off from wherever you are, just by clicking on an app in your smartphone. Also from your smartphone; you can keep your home A.C. on for your return, switch on that coffee machine in order to start brewing coffee, and get notified instantly if there’s unwanted activity at your home or workplace! Sounds too futuristic to be true? The IOT revolution says otherwise. Today’s world is all about connectivity and intelligence. And if you think a generation would pass till you see such technological proficiency in India, think again.

Leaf Technologies is pioneering the research about Internet of Things, and has already come up with its avant-garde network module that would all your home devices and be monitored from an app set in your smartphone. So there is nothing better than Air when we come to control appliances from phone with easy way.

The Model

The Air model is revolutionary in the simplicity of its design and its cutting-edge technological brilliance. Let’s see how it works:

Structure and Installation

The model basically consists of two parts—a sleek pentagonal shaped control unit that is the nerve centre of the network, and a number of switchboard modules that are fitted behind your normal switchboards. In addition, you will also need to install the Air app. The Leaf team will install the entire network for you within thirty minutes. They also take charge of re-installation for two years, no matter where you decide to relocate.


The entire unit is interconnected through your home Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Low Energy Profile. The process, in clear terms, is –

You generate a request through your app to the Leaf Cloud. (say, to switch on the A.C. while you’re parking your car).

Next, the Cloud will convey the information to the pentagonal control unit. The control unit will then relay the message to the switchboard modules, which will guide your appliance to perform the requested function. (say, the A.C. will be switched on).

The entire idea is simple, easy to operate and yet a technological miracle.

Benefits of Air

  • Saving electricity

Air has PIR Sensors (in layman’s term motion detecting sensors) which will prompt your appliances to shut down by themselves within a few minutes of your leaving the room. The same appliance (light fixtures, fan, A.C. etc. can also be switched on as soon as you enter. Thus, it is an efficient energy saving mechanism.)

  • Automatic Leaning Features

Air is unique in its complex algorithms; which update themselves automatically according to your preferences. So it can switch the television on to the channels that you prefer, it can keep the A.C. temperature depending on your regular needs and so much more. This interactive device ensures that your home gadgets speak to each other as the paramount of artificial intelligence.

  • Smart sensors

In addition to switchboard modules, the Air unit will also include a number of sensors to detect temperature, humidity, motion etc. It can regulate your rooms according to its algorithms about what would be the most comfortable for you given a particular atmospheric condition. You will also be notified instantly if there’s any unwanted activity in your house after your absence because of the state-of-the-at motion detectors.

  • One Touch and Magic Touch

These are the special features of Air. One Touch automatically switches on your desired appliances as you enter the room. Magic Touch is the artificial intelligence which learns about your preferences and guides your appliances according to them.

So try out these features of Air technology and watch your devices come alive. As your coffee machine switches on by itself to brew excellent coffee, or your washing machine goes through the required number of cycles without your setting it; you can take a deep breath and thank Air for making your life so much simpler.