Mobiles have become an apple of the eye around the globe from the past few years. Mobile, being a nifty tool, has replaced newspapers, television, video games, navigation devices, and almost everything.

For a marketer, mobile is the finest tool to connect with the audience and promote the product. But mobile, being a very personal medium of communication is the easiest place where marketers commit the most critical mistakes. These mistakes can cause you severe loss, such as loss in sales, poor customer retention, and overall bad return on investment.

Mistakes To Avoid In Mobile App Marketing

Therefore, we want to help you avoid these few major bloopers in order to increase the popularity and number of downloads of your product. Don’t forget: marketing is a paramount part of promoting the app for its huge success. Take a look:

Failing to use Social Networks to Promote the App

Social media platform is a dynamic tool to promote the app. If you have been using the platform for promotion but haven’t created a separate page, then it’s better late than never; create now! 

  • Provide people an incentive to connect with you and download your app

Incentives can be anything from extra lives in games, coupons for money off, or reduced in-app purchases.

Consider those in-app purchases that you could temporarily give away for free to attract people to download your app or follow one of your social media pages.

  • Write articles/post in an appealing style

While writing on social media platform, consider your target audience and write accordingly to attract them.

Schedule your social media posts to save time.  Posting on social media can be time-consuming. Therefore, it’s better to automate using some tools designed for the same purpose.

You can also use Facebook, twitter, and Instagram ads to spread the word about your app. Analyze which social media network is most popular among your ideal customers, and thus spend most of your time creating ads for that social network.

 Failing to Optimize your App for the App Store

Imagine a situation; you designed a very useful product. But on searching it in the app store, it wasn’t found easily?

Similar to the concept of SEO, which is used for optimizing the website for search engines, it is necessary for apps as well to be discoverable in the app store.  For an app to be discoverable, it should contain specific keywords.

Comprising of right keywords in the title as well as the description in app page can improve its discoverability. However, ASO is not an ephemeral process. You need to understand, test, and regularly tweak your strategies to get desired results.

Not getting your App featured on a High-quality Blog

Getting your app description featured on a popular blog is importunate for circulating news about the app. Reach out to the editors through emails and find out if they are willing to feature your app in a post/article.

However, you should take specific steps while trying to proclaim your app if you want to increase the probability of hearing back from them, including:

  • Be succinct: Editors are busy people, so try to keep your email as brief as possible without excluding necessary information.
  • Give them a preview of your app: If you are still testing your app, send the editor the beta version to let him have firsthand look at how it works.

Treating the Mobile Experience Like it’s the Desktop

A mobile app certainly gives a different experience to users as compared to desktop.

A mobile user does not wish to see overwhelming designs that are designed for desktop on mobile. The user only wants to see the necessary information and that too in a precise and quick way.  Use this small screen as a blessing and highlight the important things on the screen which you want users to see.

So, these are the most common mistakes that people make while marketing an app. Avoid these and eventually, you will feel the difference!

Author Bio: Post is written by Macy Jones who is currently associated with AppXperts – one of the leading firms into app development Sydney.