Watches are spectacular pieces of precision engineering, able to keep time across years to within seconds when made well. They were one of the first pieces of personal technology to reach this level of precision, long before others of it’s kind and well before the rise of the electrical personal items. The Swiss in particular are known for their prowess with all things horological, and arguably the biggest name of all the watchmakers based in Switzerland, specifically the Jura valley, is Rolex. Rolex are in fact so confident in their ability to produce high end watches that will stand the test of time that they have increased their standard warranty from 5 years to 10 years, reducing how often a Rolex owner might have to go for a paid Rolex repair. This is astounding when you take into consideration the fact that Rolex produce nearly 1 million watches every single year. It’s no wonder Rolex repair specialists ( are such good businesses.

Rolex Repair & How It Works

The Role of Crafting in Rolex Repair

Rolex was founded in 1905 in London, but quickly moved to the heartland of watchmaking, the Jura valley in Switzerland. Since then, their original concepts, attention to detail, and ability to deliver not only high class watches but also outstanding customer service has set them up as one of, if not the, giants of watchmaking. Everything that Rolex do either decreases the need for a Rolex repair or Rolex service, and increases the precision, accuracy, reliability, or robustness of their watches.

A prime example is the stainless steel that they use for their watches. Rolex has developed it’s own special alloy, known as 950L. The reason for this is simple: it buffs out nicer. The results of this use, however, are anything but simple. 950L is harder to machine, meaning Rolexs take longer to produce while the chance of a mistake is increased.

Rolexs also take between 9 and 12 months to craft, much for the same reason. Rolex take their time in their making of a watch; every week extra put into the watch now can save months or even years of Rolex services down the line. Rolex have a reputation to maintain, one that is justly earned, and are in no rush to disabuse anyone of the notion that their watches are the best on the market.

It is easy to see why Rolex are such an attractive brand to many customers. Not only do they provide a known and respected brand name, they also have the quality of craftsmanship to actually back up their claim.

How To Go About A Rolex Repair

All Rolex repairs must go through either a Rolex store itself, or through professional Rolex repair specialists. A Rolex repair acts with part exchange, meaning that to get a replacement part, the damaged part must be sent directly to Rolex. This stops fraudulent parts being used in a Rolex or damaged parts flooding the Rolex repair market. Get in touch with a repairs Specialist such as Repairs By Post ( to get a quote for a Rolex repair. If you are lucky enough to have a Rolex still in warranty, get in touch with Rolex directly and they shall walk you through the process.