Mount Abu referred to as ‘an oasis in the desert’ is the only hill station of Rajasthan. This rocky plateau of Aravalli range is a unique place from its surrounding and thus it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in western India.

Your 48 Hours Guide To Mount Abu Sorted

If you are planning a trip here and have not made an itinerary yet, then let us take you to a 48 hours trip to this beautiful hill station. Moreover, don’t forget to book a hotel in Mount Abu before visiting the place or you’ll waste some precious hours in searching for a room there.

    1. Have a lip-smacking breakfast at King’s food. We suggest you start the trip with a tasty breakfast so that you remain energetic to roam around the hill-station. The alfresco seating arrangement of the restaurant ensures you get the glimpse of the natural beauty of the hill-station while munching on Indian and Chinese dishes. You can have fulfilling breakfast coupled with super-awesome beverages without burning hole in your pocket.
    2. Visit the famous Dilwara Temples of Jain. The five marble temples together known as Dilwara temples are known for their fine architecture. Situated about two-and-a-half kilometres away from the main town, these temples are the first choice of every tourist visiting Mount Abu. These 11th and 13th-century temples hold a place in India’s top architectures for their intricately designed domes, opulent entrance and minutely carved ceilings.
    3. Satiate your shopping desires at Rajasthali. After admiring the architecture of Dilwara Temples proceeds towards Rajasthali to satiate your shopping desires. You can’t visit Mount Abu and return without a Rajasthani souvenir. This is the exclusive Rajasthan government Emporium where you can shop everything including furniture, crafts, paintings, jewellery and many more. All the things marketed here give an insight into Rajasthan’s royal history, its culture and traditions.
    4. Have some fun time near Nakki Lake. The Nakki Lake, one of the landmarks of Mount Abu, is famous as a picnic spot as well as a religious one. According to the folklore, this lake was dug by God using his nails. On the southern shore of the lake stands a 14th century Raghunath Temple. The fun-loving visitors look up for the boat ride and taking pictures. The favourite spot for picture lovers is the toad-rock, a rock that looks like a giant toad ready to jump in the lake.
    5. Spend some peaceful moments at the Sunset Point. The famous Sunset Point of Mount Abu is situated to the south-west of Nakki Lake. You can reach this point by walking or by hire a pony from Nakki Lake. A dusk spent at this place will be a memory for life. You’ll also get many food stalls lined near the place. Eat to your heart content and then go back to the hotel room you booked in Mount Abu.
    6. Go hiking the Achalgarh Fort. This fort is one of the best creations of Mewar architecture. The massive walls of the fort also house some beautiful Jain temples. Just outside the fort is the Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple where the toe of Lord Shiva is worshipped.
    7. Spend some time at Chacha Museum. If the visit to Rajasthali was not enough for you to admire crafts and traditions of Rajasthan, then Chacha Museum is the best place for you. This massive shop stores collection of traditional and contemporary Rajasthan handicrafts including artefacts of brass, wood and cotton quilt and furnishings. The Rajasthani quilts are famous for being almost weightless but warm.

The list of places is an indicative list to help you enjoy your short-term trip to this beautiful place. And remember to book a hotel in Mount Abu in advance to save time for exploring the beautiful hill-station. There are some really good hotels and restaurant in Mount Abu and you can also get spicy foods at street-side stalls. Keep on tasting the taste of Rajasthan whenever you feel hungry or tempted from the smells coming from these stalls.