How we think has an impact on how we live our lives, we may have a desire to do or own certain things but due to preconditioned limiting beliefs, we decide that what we desire is unattainable and our beliefs prevent us from realizing our dreams. If we change how we think we can improve our lives and attain the things we want. The first step to achieving your desires is to allow yourself to dream and to visualize what you want. Once you have destroyed the mental barrier between your dreams and your reality you will start to understand that the universe always delivers and that it is possible to get anything you want in life.

The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction tells us that to get what we want from life all we need to do is raise our vibration so we are in alignment with it, money is just energy so if you can make your energy signature the same as the energy signature of money you will attract it into your life. The law of attraction is not a new idea, in 390 BC Plato said, “likes tend toward likes”. Many people think the law of attraction is for loonies and just carrying complaining about their lives, others try to use it and give up because they don’t instantly manifest a Bentley. To be able to manifest what you want you need to improve your thinking and learn how to make better choices.

The Law of Vibration

As we said above money is just energy and so are we, the law of vibration says that everything has its own vibrational frequency, even humans have their own vibrational frequency. If you are struggling to believe in the law of vibration, that you and everything around you is just energy this is a fact that has been proven by quantum physics. You can see how likes tend toward likes by trying to mix water with oil, water doesn’t mix with oil but it will easily mix with liquids that are like it.

How To Get What You Want In Life

Improve Your Thinking

To improve your life all you have to do is improve your thinking, to find the positive in all situations and to stop complaining. When we complain about a specific situation or person we are giving away our power and making ourselves feel bad, once a person stops complaining and starts to look for the positive in their life they will begin to feel better. When you feel better your vibration will rise and you will begin to attract what you want into your life.

Quieten Your Mind

As we said above like attracts like so the last thing you want is negative thoughts, if like many people you suffer from negative thoughts you can quieten your mind through meditation and improve the quality of your thoughts by using affirmations and avoiding negative people.


Once you have decided what you want from your life you can begin to practice visualization techniques, visualization will help you to achieve your desires sooner. Self-hypnosis is a great way to visualize your better life, many hypnosis recordings can found on YouTube or downloaded from various sites for free.

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