This Samsung Galaxy S6 is new to market and this might have the exciting new features. The people are waiting for this new version mobile and the excitations have got increased eventually, after releasing the previous version of galaxy mobile. This new version of Samsung Galaxy S6 would bring the thrilling and several extraordinary features. This mobile would have the several unknown features, which are new to the mobile market. The new changes and the new excitement could get arrived in the Samsung Galaxy world along with samsung galaxy s7.


This could have the features in the charging area, which you could charge this Samsung Galaxy S6 without using the charger. Instead of the charger the developers might make this charging technique with the wireless features, where the advantage is you could able to charge your mobile at any place, anytime, anywhere and the places are not at all a prohibited one in this wireless charging method. This new technique would reduce requirement of the portable chargers. And also, it would have the excellent and the frequent network capacity. The network for this mobile could be the mobile network as well as the Internet that would be available frequently. This Galaxy S6 mobile would support two different types of the mobile network such as the second generation and then the third generation. Along with these features, this Galaxy S6 would also expect to give support the fourth generation network also. The best benefit of this service is that it would provide the excellent Internet access. It could have the excellent navigation tools, and it could include the digital compass that would increase the better place searches and could provide the information displayed on process in real time. Moreover, this would have the process of GPS and also the A-GPS.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Releasing At WMC 2015


This Samsung Galaxy S6 would include several specifications, which are very unique, and the service is going to be an excellent one. The specifications are it would have the processing unit and the Exynos 5 Hexa Intel core PU runs these process units. This would offer the best experience to the users. The capacity of the Intel core memory would be up to 128 GB from the predecessor of 32 GB. This capacity is going to be provided for the secondary memory, where the primary memory space could be around 4GB as per the expectation. The secondary memory could also be an expandable one. This Samsung Galaxy S6 would be available in two types, which are galaxy note and the Samsung grand.

Release Date

The people have some expectations about the release date of this Galaxy S6 and also Galaxy S7 release, but the Samsung Company not yet confirmed the date. But this mobile would be expected for this year. This is not a sure statement, just the thought of the production team. But, soon Samsung will confirm the release date and this new model will get announced in a proper way. This mobile would come with the smashing features and the specifications as ever.


This Samsung Galaxy S6 would come with the excellent battery power, and the mobile would charge within a particular time and the developer could use the 4000mAh lithium and the ion component to charge the mobile. Therefore, the battery would stay for a longer time. This phone could also have several different and unique properties and those features would not be dependent with the previous versions as expected.