WidexLink is a new proprietary digital transmission technology from Widex made exclusively for hearing aids.

WidexLink is the first wireless technology that has been custom-designed  for use in hearing aid applications.  It enables InterEar data transmission and synchronisation as well as digital wireless transmission of audio to and between hearing aids.

This industry-leading technology is one of the cornerstones in the wireless CLEAR440 product range, offering a number of benefits for the hearing aid clients.

Synchronised volume control and program change

The new technology enables the synchronisation of volume control and program change. This means that the client only needs to adjust the volume or change the program on one hearing aid – the other will automatically change accordingly.

InterEar communication

WidexLink also enables a pair of hearing aids to communicate with each other. The input received by one hearing aid can therefore be shared with the other hearing aid during signal processing.  This allows for the coordination of important functions such as:

  • InterEar TruSound Compression, which preserves important spatial cues used for determining if a sound source is located to the left or to the right
  • InterEar Speech Enhancer, which provides a better basis for focusing on the dominant speaker in a cocktail party situation
  • InterEar Feedback Cancelling, which makes the system even more precise in identifying feedback and avoiding “false positives”
  • Extended bandwidth audio transmission

WidexLink offers high-speed and high-quality transmission of sound from the user’s TV, mobile phone or personal audio device to the hearing aids via the TV-DEX or the M-DEX.