If you home-school your children, you need some great apps to help them stay on top their studies. There are a lot of apps out there, and luckily some of them are made specifically for home-schooled families. In addition, many apps that are not targeted toward homeschooling still work great for children and their parents.

6 Top Apps For Home School Families

1. Bible App

Not everyone who teaches their children at home is Christian; however, a lot of home-schooled families are. If you are a Christian household, then having a good Bible app is important. There are a lot of Bible apps out there no matter what platform you are on. Many of these apps let you take notes, highlight sections and more, helping you as you teach your children all about the bible.

2. Keep in Touch with BBM

No matter what device you have, it’s important that you’re able to keep in touch with your children. Having a good instant messenger program is a good idea for home-school families. With BBM for Android, you can make sure that you and your children stay in contact over a variety of devices.

3. English Dictionary

Every time your child asks you, “what does that mean?” you’ll have an app that lets them look it up for themselves. Perfect for reading or writing papers, the English Dictionary app allows your child to have every word in the English vocabulary at their fingertips. Available on their phone or tablet, a dictionary app is a great way to make sure that they’re always learning.

4. Periodic Table of Elements

As you’re teaching them science, and more specifically chemistry, your child will need to know and understand the periodic table of elements. So, with the Periodic Table app, your child can learn the elements and their properties from anywhere at any time.

5. 5001 Amazing Facts

Use this app to teach your child a variety of awesome and amazing facts. You’ll be shocked at some of the things you can learn with this app like, “a blue whale’s heart is the size of a Volkswagen Beetle.” With more than 5,000 facts, there’s a lot to learn. If you find facts that are so amazing you need to share them, you can email them to friends or family, straight from the app.

6. Shakespeare Books

Are you reading Shakespeare with your child? Everyone of his plays are available for download. When you have the books on a mobile device, your child is able to read them wherever they are, as well as bookmark pages, take notes, and more. This is perfect for studying, as well as marking sections for questions later. Since all of his plays are available, you can read all of his plays or you can choose just a few.

There are a lot of apps out there that can help families who home-school. These apps help parents teach and children learn. With the right apps, homeschooling will go smoothly.