If network wiring has started to tie you to your desk, it’s time to consider getting rid of your network wires completely and start exploring the advantages afforded by a quality high speed Wi-Fi connection.

With a simple call you can forever end your family’s endless jockeying for access to the internet. With a wireless network in your home, everyone will be able to get online when they want and can stay on for as long as they want. What’s even better is that without having to rely on network wiring, your entire family can all jump on the internet together.

Get Rid of Network Wiring Completely

Why Choose Wireless?

If your study is starting to feel like a prison cell, you can take your laptop, work, and internet connection to any room in the house and indeed, so can everyone else in your household. Whether the kids are playing on a games console, your husband is trying to access the football scores on his smartphone, or you’re thinking of downloading a movie to your laptop to play on the TV, a wireless broadband connection is guaranteed to keep the whole family connected.

Wireless broadband gives you the freedom to go online anywhere, print from any room in the house, play music from your computer, share photos, and more. Why settle for less when the technology is there to give you more?

Faster Speeds

Modern internet routers are packed with the technology you need to stay connected.  Speed, security, and conveniences are all bundled together to give you the very best in wireless broadband connections. Built to handle internet speeds of over 120 Mb, 5Ghz compatible, and available at very affordable rates, wireless broadband is your portal to the fastest internet connections available. You can stop the endless cycle of disruption, as fighting over internet access will become a thing of the past.

Reliable Service

If it is service and peace of mind you are concerned with, your broadband service provider will stand by their technology, and stand by your side until you feel completely comfortable with the process. For instance, Virgin Media offers two year warranties on all their routers and adapters, and will replace them should yours prove defective. They also provide free servicing and repairs for the life of your contract with them. There are wireless options that will transform the way you and your family experience the internet.

Switch Today

When you are ready to up your internet access game, and start enjoying the blistering fast speeds of a state-of-the-art wireless router, then you are ready to get rid of your network wiring completely.  Stop trying to remember what the other rooms in your house look like and pick up your laptop, tablet, smart phone, or game console and go sit in those other rooms while continuing to enjoy the lighting fast connections you have grown accustomed to with your desk bound PC.