The Obama administration announced on Monday, “We are now beginning the next transformation in information technology: the wireless broadband revolution.”

The announcement aims to launch U.S. business into the online world, and was outlined in a presidential memorandum to the heads of executive departments and agencies.

It encourages both federal and private agencies to take a few steps, including a call from the federal government to free up 500 megahertz of wireless communication spectrum, which would nearly double what is currently available.

The freed up spectrum would then be auctioned off, with the majority going toward mobile broadband and other uses. It can then be shared between the private and government sector, including small businesses and individual users.

“This new era in global technology leadership will only happen if there is adequate spectrum available to support the forthcoming myriad of wireless devices, networks, and applications that can drive the new economy,” says the memorandum.

The document describes it as a move to expand wireless broadband in the United States, with a belief it “will trigger the creation of innovative new businesses, provide cost-effective connections in rural areas, increase productivity, improve public safety, and allow for the development of mobile telemedicine, telework, distance learning, and other new applications that will transform Americans’ lives.”

It states “The world is going wireless, and we must not fall behind,” adding that there are few developments in technology, which have as much “potential to enhance America’s economic competitiveness, create jobs, and improve the quality of our lives as wireless high-speed access to the Internet.”