The several research and survey revealed the reason behind the window-shopping, the result shown that many people worry the latter situation, and so they do just window-shop instead of buy anything. A similar condition applies in online shopping, nowadays in many cases the buyer, not buy the product in few of clicks, instead the smart buyer reads reviews, and other experience about the product and this is the other type of window-shopping.

Window Shoppers and Display Mannequins-What The Study Revealed

How to convert Window Shoppers into buyers

It is not always true that this type of buyer, not spent money on shopping, here are several success stories of the cellars in which the shopkeepers or the store owners sales product wisely. The effective use of display mannequins is the one great technique to keep buyer on your store for a long period and this period plays a key role to change His or her mind changes for spent some extra bucket and buy that product.

The display mannequins doing as the purpose, it helps to visitor (not buyer yet) what the product are, the color, the size, shape, and if interested in the product he/she will ask for more details such as price, quality and other things, and here your jobs start now, it depends on you that how you sell the product.

It is statistically already proved that the clothes displayed on a mannequin is selling fast and have a higher percentage of time than the clothes on hangers or placed over a table. Even some study shows that the clothes advertising in mannequins- display, sells for at least a 5%-35% increase in sales price as well. How, simple, once a certain item begins selling faster, you can increase price wisely, or the second option is you can ask to wholesaler to reduce the commission or price because now you taking big lots, in both case you earn some extra money on the same item(s).

How mannequins helps to increase business

The keeping business on track is neither a moment magic nor the rocket science, instead it required hard work plus smart strategies. The effective mannequin displays can be the oxygen for both online store and physical stores. The effective placement and using of mannequins displayed correctly, definitely work for you, such as it will cause visitors to stay a longer, and it increases the chances that the engaged customer enter to the store for detail inquiry for making a purchase.

Window Shoppers and Display Mannequins-What The Study Revealed

According to the Jason du Pont the owner of the fullbodymannequin

“Our clients range from large stores to quaint specialty boutiques, and they’ve reported sales revenue increases by as much as 32% with mannequins as compared to just using hangers to sell the clothing”.

Keep in mind that the mannequins are the first and non-verbal communication between you and your store visitor.

The conclusion is that from the 1987 when the mannequin hits to nowadays the mannequins bring a new ways to display the item, especially in clothing, and now it is the bloodline for business and the life for storeowners at the same time.