They say the kitchen is the heart of the home; it’s the one place in the home where everyone gathers to share their daily meals, talk about the plans for the day, discuss the end of the day and entertain guests. For those who are considering a kitchen redo, what are some of the best kitchen worktops to buy right now?

What Are The Best Kitchen Worktops To Buy Today?

The Most Popularly used Kitchen Worktops

Materials used for kitchen worktops that are most popular are wood, stainless steel, granite, laminate, and composite stone. So how do you determine which material is best suited to fit your needs as well as your personal style? The first step is to look at all the factors before you make your purchase decision.

Looking at the practicalities of each of the potential materials is one of the most important factors. Things to consider are if there are young children in the family, having a glass worktop that marks easily is probably not the ideal choice. For those who enjoy cooking, considering a material that is heat resistant granite is a great option. Granite is an exceptional choice to have around the hob making it easier to move those hot pans off the heat onto the worktop.

Hardwood or Solid Wood Worktops in the Kitchen

Hardwood is not only beautiful but in general, suits most if not all kitchen styles, whether it’s a contemporary design using stainless steel or glass to the more traditional styles. Hardwood is great for dining areas and the food preparation areas, such as breakfast bars and islands. Hardwood also offers multiple choices in colours from oak to cherry.

Teak and Iroko woods are perfect to use around the sink because they are water-resistant and have a high oil content. Hardwood must be properly sealed with lindseed or Danish oil routinely every quarter to ensure the wood does not dry out. When hardwood kitchen worktops are maintained and properly sealed their brilliance and durability will last a long time.

Composite Worktops

Composite is not only beautiful is practical because it can be used basically everywhere, including around sinks and next to hobs. With colour options ranging from dark grey and blue, for the modern and fabulous contemporary design or a more neutral colours such as beige or cream for a more traditional style.

Composite is not only quite tough, it is also very durable, even more so than many of the natural stones. The colour runs through the material so any scratches are easily sanded out.

Granite Worktops are they for Me?

Granite, the more luxurious of the kitchen worktop materials can be used in every area of the kitchen, including around the oven, next to a hob and around the sink. Glossy granite creates a striking kitchen island worktop that will impress everyone who steps into your kitchen.

Whether you prefer a honed matt or the classic polished finish, granite works brilliantly regardless of the design and style of the kitchen. It requires very little maintenance and cleaning requires simply a damp cloth and mild detergent to wipe off.

Initial sealing is required to protect the granite; it should be sealed again after 10 years. Granite is water-resistant, withstands high temperatures and is resistant to the majority of stains, however citric acids and wine have to be wiped up immediately.

Laminate Worktops

Laminate is one of those general usage materials that works ideally in sink runs, food preparation areas, and around cookers and hobs. Because laminate can mimic most other worktop materials such as slate, granite or wood, it works nicely in a modern or a traditional design scheme.

It requires very low maintenance and is easily cleaned with a mild detergent. Although it is resistant to most chemicals and stains, it doesn’t do well with steam or heat so it’s not an ideal choice to place around high heat areas. It also should not be used as a cutting surface.

Stainless Steel – A Chefs Worktop

Stainless steel is the top choice for commercial kitchens because it is has hygienic properties, which also makes it a fabulous choice for those who desire a more hygienic worktop material. It can be used in all areas whether around the sink, in all food preparation areas and by the hob. It has a more contemporary look but can be teamed up with other materials such as wood to present a more softened warm look.

It is very durable, strong, and waterproof as well as being acid and heat resistant, it is somewhat prone to scratches however scratches do not affect the anti-bacterial properties of the steel.

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