Chennai is modern and practical. Additionally, it is also very religious and gives the old customs great significance. Religion is a major part of Chennai tourism. Given below are two of the most revered Vishnu temples in Chennai that you ought to visit.

Chennai is the quickly developing city in India. It is a modern city full of all luxuries and entertainment of 21st century. However, it shouldn’t be forgotten that it is also one of the oldest cities in India that has a rich history and cultural heritage. Check out the Delhi to Chennai flight fare today, as early planning and preparation always help. It is also religious; one who has been to the city would agree. There are numerous old Vishnu temples in and around Chennai city, and here are two prevalent Vishnu temples that every travel buff should visit:

2 Revered And Old Vishnu Temples Of Chennai

Parthasarathy Temple

It is one of the oldest temples of Lord Vishnu, aptly situated in Chennai and dedicated to an avatar of the Lord, Lord Krishna. This antiquated Hindu temple was constructed by the Pallavas in 8th century and changed by later rulers. This temple is counted amongst the 108 sacred dwelling places Lord Vishnu that are spread all over India. It houses gods of four incarnations of Vishnu, to be specific Rama, Narasimha,  Venkatakrishnan, and Lord Varaha. Here Lord Vishnu gave darshan as Parthasarthy, the charioteer of Arjuna amid Mahabharata War. Partha signifies Arjuna and Sarathy indicates charioteer.

It is believed that King Sumathi worshiped Lord Venkateswara as Krishna and Lord Venkateshwara showed up before King Sumathi as a charioteer here with a specific end goal to satisfy the promise he made. Sage Atreya introduced the idol of the lord in the temple. Here Lord Krishna is seen with a mustache, according to conventions of the charioteer. He is additionally seen without his weapon Chakra as Lord Krishna has guaranteed to revoke weapons amid Mahabharata war. The face of the Lord is marked with scars made by the arrows of the Kurukshetra war. Among the 12 extraordinary saints in Vaishnavite convention three of them have sung about the gods of the temple. The temple is in the heart of the city and opens to the general population between 6.00 AM-12.30 PM and 4.00 PM to 8.00 PM.

2 Revered And Old Vishnu Temples Of Chennai

Thiruneermalai Vishnu Temple

The temple is one among the 108 spots considered sacrosanct by Vaishnavites. It is one of the acclaimed antiquated temples situated in close proximity to Chennai that are devoted to Lord Vishnu. From CHennai Airport it is just 8 kilometers away. Lord Rama, otherwise called Neervanan is the chief presiding deity of the main temple. The location of the temple is up the hill and has four revered places dedicated to Lord Animamalarmangai Thayaar, Lord Ranganatha, Lord Narasimha, and Lord Trivikrama. Legend says that, sage Valmiki worshiped Goddess Ranganayaki and Lord Ranganatha in the base of the temple.

At the highest point of the hill, the sage had a celestial darshan of Lord Vishnu in his three forms, Narasimha in sitting position, Ranganatha in the leaning back stance, and Thiruvikrama in strolling style. Plus, it is also believed that at the foot hill, the sage had a darshan of “Kalyana Rama”. Later, when Thirumangai Alwar needed to venerate the Lord, the spot was encompassed by water. Since, then the spot came to be called as `Thiruneermalai’. There is a steep climb of 200-300 stages to get to the temple. Obviously, it is one of the best tourist places in Chennai and remains busy with backpackers year round.