For many of us, our first love was for chocolates! May it be your special someone’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, your kid’s birthday or even a simple boring day- it is never complete without chocolates. These delectable treats make the perfect gifts to anyone, including you yourself! You can always send chocolate by post on a special occasion or if you want to just like that. A chocolate treat is something that a chocolate-lover will cherish always.

Chocolates Are Interesting

There are so many interesting facts about these delights, which we hardly know of. Here’s a little list of some of the most intriguing data about chocolates.

A chocolate-y caution: You might learn some weird facts chocolates from the list but will guaranteed make you fonder of them. And all those who do not love chocolates, well get ready to fall in love with them!

  • Let’s start with the healthy one- chocolates are excellent relaxants. We have theta waves running through our brain which helps us in relaxing. The moment you smell a chocolate bar, the theta waves in your brain are activated and thus automatically you become more relaxed. So, now you know what to do the next time you feel agitated or worried.
  • Here’s a weird one- a river of chocolate used to exist! It was specially created for the shooting of a film sometime in 1971, but unfortunately it was destroyed due to a terrible stench after the shooting was over.
  • During the days of the Mayan civilization, the currency used to be cocoa beans. For the Mayans, these were more precious than gold. I guess for most of the chocolate lovers out there, it is still more precious than gold!
  • 5,792.50 kg- No, this is not the weight of a building or a huge tractor, this is the weight of a bar of chocolate. Thorntons celebrated their completion of 100 years by making this huge bar, which without saying, has broken the world record.
  • Ruth Wakefield is created to be the inventor of chocolate chip cookies by accident! Nestle was the company which bought this idea from her and guess what she asked in return- a chocolate supply through her lifetime.
  • Do you know which chocolate is most widely sold? Toblerones! Since it has been deemed to be the most popular, you can definitely send this one as your chocolate gift.
  • Remember Hershey’s “kisses”; the little one with the wrappers? Well guess how many of them are produced by this company in a day- 80 million!
  • Time for some linguistic data- There is an Aztec word called Xocolatl. This literally translates into water that is bitter. Chocolate, as a word has been derived from this Aztec source.
  • Feeling a little low on energy? All you have to do is have one chocolate chip, since supposedly one little chip will provide you with energy to go at least 150 feet.
  • We all know that there have numerous American and Russian voyages into space. Well, none of these voyages excluded chocolate bars!

So the next time you gift someone chocolates, you can attach a nugget of information about these treats with it.