Belgrade, the capital of Serbia is one of the oldest cities found at the crossroads of the East and West. It might not be the prettiest of capitals but its coarse exuberance makes it one of the most fun cities to be in Europe. As this great city moves towards a great future, its chaotic past makes itself reminded throughout the city especially in the old Belgrade Fortress. Belgrade has a number of cultural attractions and a variety of events that has been attracting visitors all over the world. While some of you might consider a weekend treat to visit this great city, I strongly recommend that the best way to enjoy Belgrade is to stay there for a few days and rent an apartment because Belgrade is a huge town. Below are some of the things you will enjoy while in Belgrade.

How To Have The Ultimate Experience In Belgrade

1. Belgrade Fortress

This Fortress consists of the old citadel and the Kalemagdan Park on the confluence of River Sava and Danube. The fortress was declared a monument of culture of exceptional importance in the year 1979. Belgrade Fortress is under the protection of the Republic of Serbia.

How To Have The Ultimate Experience In Belgrade

2. The Royal Palace

This palace was built between the years 1924 and 1929 on orders of the then king Alexander 1. This was the official royal residence. This palace was designed in the Serbian-byzantine style surrounded by pools, a pavilion, park terraces and pergolas. It is located on the ridge of a hill providing a magnificent view of Dedinje posh and the exclusive part of Belgrade the Avala, Kosutnjak forest and Topcider.

3. Knez Mihailova & Republic square

The Republic Square is the center of the city. It is surrounded by the National Museum and the National Theatre. It is best known for the statue of Prince Mihailo on the Horse which happens to be the most popular meeting place of most Belgradians.

4. Bike Tours

You will not only be learning about the Belgradians’ culture but you will also get an opportunity of having fun while taking bike rides. iBikeBelgrade and iBikeNovisad offer an easy fun and cheap guided bike tours through Novi Sad and Belgrade. Someone once told me that the best way to discover Belgrade is through a Bike tour. You will also enjoy the company of the iBike guides who happen to be young and fun. They also have a deep knowledge of the city and will definitely make your trip worth it.

How To Have The Ultimate Experience In Belgrade

5. Party City

Despite years of fighting, people in Belgrade enjoy having a good time. Cafes and bars here are heaving 24/7. As the night approaches Belgradians replace their coffee tables with beers or spritzes (The city’s de facto cocktail). You will come to realize there are bars almost in every corners of the city. In short, it is said that in Belgrade, every night is a Friday night. Everyone is always ready to party all the time, and still go straight to work the following day. It will really be hard to resists the temptation considering on every given night there will be countless clubs out there full of young, gorgeous people having a fun of their life.