Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Addiction: A Serious Issue Amongst the Youth of the Nation

Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction have become worse and worse especially with the youth population of the nation.  Now, the city of Joliet has their own drug rehab Joliet to help the youth especially with the rise of the younger individuals and their drug addiction problem. Youth drug and alcohol abuse in general is particularly concerning because youth substance abuse is far more damaging and dangerous than it is for other demographics and age groups.  For example:

  • Youth who actually drink on a regular basis are statistically speaking a staggering no less than eight times more likely to use other illegal drugs and fifty times more likely to use and abuse cocaine than young people who never drink at all or who drink very, very rarely instead.  With other demographics though, extensive abuse of different substances is not as likely.  One survey found that 32% of the heavy drinkers over 12 were also illegal drug users of some kind or another too.  In the end, for young people it would seem that alcohol abuse at such a young age more often than not inspires the abuses of illegal drugs later on as well.
  • According to the Drug Abuse Warning Network, (www.dawn.org), the number of adolescents that were seen in an emergency department, (ED), for the use of illicit drugs and the misuse or abuse of pharmaceuticals went up slightly between the years of 2004 and 2011.  The real concern here though was with exactly what types of drugs were landing them in the emergency room to begin with.  In 2004 for example, it was cocaine or meth, in 2014, it was heroin and prescription drugs, and heroin and prescription drugs kill a lot more individuals than cocaine and meth do by far.

Why Joliet High Schools Should Consider Expanding High School Drug Education

Efforts Made in Joliet to Discourage and Cut Back on Addiction in High Schools

Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction is a difficult issue indeed, especially when it comes to youth addiction. In the Chicago area, the problem is severe indeed because the youths here are exposed to illegal substances so much as the Chicago area and Joliet specifically lie right on the trafficking lines of hero through the Midwest. We are hoping to make a difference with the substance addiction Joliet center in the region for the youth whom are already exposed to drugs.

Preventative methods are some of the best ways to stop addiction permanently.  This is the tool that is used to try and stop addiction and substance abuse before it even occurs.  In Joliet, the solution that has been presented here has been to create drug prevention programs in the local schools.  With these efforts, more and more children and youths are actually learning about the drug and alcohol abuse and addiction problem.  When these programs are followed stringently, the inevitable result is that more and more kinds will know about the effects of substance abuse and less youth will engage in such activities. It is quite sad when the youth are engaged in drug and alcohol abuse since they are so young and they are still developing, a drug rehab in Joliet is perfect for the youth since they are close to school and can stay in school while frequently visiting a rehab for help.

Joliet is a city that has set a standard for drug and alcohol abuse prevention.  It is hoped that other cities in these areas will also pursue similar plans and activities to eventually make for less drug and alcohol abuse amongst the youth of the greater Chicago area.