Aiming to be an expert encoder? Want to increase your productivity? You may need to learn more about your job. If you are already a subject matter expert in your line of business, you may have overlooked one important craft – computer skills. Keyboard and typing mastery is a necessity for encoders, programmers and other data entry jobs if they don’t want to be left out. Apart from fast typing speed, navigation without too much usage of mouse is an incredible boost to your effectiveness.

Ever saw a “computer person” that blows you away every time he navigates and finishes computer tasks in just a few taps? You’ll get there with a few months or years of experience. It could be shorter if you knew some keyboard magic tricks. To help you with this endeavor, here are fantastic tools that convert newbies to experts in a sway of a hand.

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts With These Fantastic Tools

Hotkey EVE (Mac)

For Mac users, Hotkey EVE is the best tool that does the teaching while the user is working. You just need to install the app, enable some features and do the usual work you are doing. EVE reminds you every time you use the mouse to accomplish a task via pop up notifications. It may affect your speed, but you will definitely learn a lot if you keep this app on for a while. Eventually, you will be able to catch up and gain back twice the amount of your lost hours. A little sacrifice is worth it.

Shortcut World

A typical computer user trying to learn new keyboard techniques has the expectations like the features of Shortcut World. It is a wiki for all keyboard shortcuts collated by many users. Different pages exist for Windows, Mac and Linux. Explore and try to perform the list of shortcuts in every tasks that you do for constant improvement.

Microsoft’s Complete List of Keyboard Shortcuts

Though it may not be as effective as Hotkey EVE, a complete list of keyboard shortcuts is still a stack of useful information. If Mac has exclusive tools, Microsoft also offers a list of techniques including shortcuts involving the Windows key. Every time you try to open an application, remind yourself to not use the mouse and perform some keyboard spells instead.

KeyRocket for Windows

This app is not the usual help and support that you can get. KeyRocket for Windows is a tool that sits silently on your system tray and watches every move you make. As soon as you used the mouse to perform activities you can do with a keyboard, KeyRocket taps you by giving polite reminders about it. If you successfully remembered some keyboard shortcuts and used them, KeyRocket gives you a commendation.

After installing this app, you will need to enable some features on. You just have to work like usual while KeyRocket supervises your mouse and keyboard actions. The balloon notifications which serve as reminders may be annoying but this is how you can learn the tricks. Leave it on for some time and enjoy the awesome reward of being a keyboard expert.

Jensen Carlyle is a freelance business writer currently focused on BPM tools, such as JobTraQ, but who is taking a shortcut of his own and exploring areas that interest him directly.