Do you own a iPhone? have you ever deleted or lost your iPhone data, Or have a broken iPhone and don’t know any solution for backing up your data. So let me introduce a software to you, it is known as Dr Fone For IOS. This software is produced by Wondershare(Leading Software Company For Mobiles). Wondershare Dr Fone For IOS can do everything you need to take yourself out from a problem faced with your iPhone.

This tool works with the latest version of  IOS and helps in the best iPhone Data Recovery. Its compatible with every iDevice starting from iPod to iPad including iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, iPod 4 Gen and 5 Gen. This software gives you many options like you can recover your messages, contacts, audio notes and not like other only allowing you to backup your Videos, Audio Files, and some documents. With this software, if you want you can recover only your required files rather than recovering your all the files.

About Wondershare Dr Fone For IOS

Wondershare’s Dr Fone For IOS helps you to recovery your data. It can also help you to take backups of your device and save it for later recovery process, this tool doesn’t takes much time rather than required(2-5 hours). Before you proceed for purchasing this software for $99, you can get its trial for free. You can find the download link below the post.

What Data Can Wondershare Dr Fone For IOS Can Help You To Recover?

This is the very important thing which you should know about the software. This software only recovers the data which is backuped on your iTunes or iCloud. This tool ask you to confirm the backup the file before proceeding for the recovering process. The backup file mostly contains your contants, reminders, voice mail, photos, videos, voice memos, call history, calendar, whatsapp chat history and so on.

Getting Started With Wondershare Dr Fone For IOS.

Before going through the process please make sure that you have minimum 70% charge in your iDevice.

  • At First, connect your iDevice to your PC with a USB cable(Better using Lighting USB cable).
  • Once your done with the above step, let the software detect your iDevice and the IOS running on it, it might take 2-3 minutes for detecting your iDevice and IOS.
  • Now, Take your phone to DFU mode.
  • Once you have turned on DFU mode on your iPhone. The software would ask you to select the files which you want to recover.
  • Once you have selected all the files which you want to recover, you can click the next button to start the recovering or backing up process.
  • When the recovering or backing up process ends. It is recommended to restart your iDevice. Once you have restarted your iDevice, you will be able to see all the files which you selected.


If you loved out Wondershare Dr Fone For IOS then you can go for buying it. You would be happy to know that you can buy this software for as low as $99.95 for the premium version. Before you go for buying this software you should try its trial version which you can find at their official website (HERE).