Rishi Kowalski a mathematician who has a fascination about stats, figures and mathematical calculations. One may find a number of math teachers, but to actually go deep into this subject and explore the hidden secrets of this already wonderful subject is not easy. To actually co-relate mathematics with various aspects of life and not just balance sheets or making financial broadcasts is something extraordinary.

Did you ever imagine that mathematic equation can have an impact on aspects like music and even love. Certainly, you haven’t. In fact, you will be surprised to know that it can be actually possible and math enthusiasts like Rishi Kowalski is bringing forth such equations for you.

His Education:

Taking about his education, Mr. Rishi was a student at the Amherst College, United states and ever since he was learning about Mathematics, he was a very good student. He from a tender age developed deep love for mathematics and loved playing around with figures and statistics whenever he got the chance. In fact on asking Mr. Rishi, a mathematics major, says that he considers visualizing and analyzing data as his most preferred pastime. Apart from that he also loves music, bike riding and swimming. He is also a foodie by nature and loves to indulge in various types of exotic dishes.

His View Points:

He has written various blogs in which he states that how mathematics can be used for various aspects of our normal life. He considers mathematics to be a fascinating subject and that one has to look at it from a different point of view to understand it. He also says that math is a simple concept which uses numbers to define and change the outlook of the world. He considers himself to be one of its true students and says that it is a pure language unbound by culture, religion, bias or for that matter any other social issues which has plagued the society.

In one of his blogs, he says that there are numerous applications of math, like in the field of love. He through his research has actually said that with the help of mathematics one can determine their love life and when is the right time for them to settle down. He states the fact that math can be employed to interpret love as an aspect stacked with patterns and also how mathematics would give out signs to a person about which one is suitable for their life long partner.

In another one of his blogs, he states the importance and power of mathematics saying that the symbols and equations are not just figures, but they essentially represent life itself. Mr. Rishi Kowalski still feels that there are still many things which one can learn from this wonderful subject and for that reason he constantly tries to upgrade himself by engaging in numerous mathematical applications from various industries.

For all those students who are also fond of mathematics, his love for the subject is something to take inspiration from.