Nowadays web hosting has become like a brand of alcohol or latest tv advertisement. Everyone is aware of it. It is something even school kids discuss instead of Pokemon or Shaktiman. However, like the old proverb goes “Little Knowledge is a dangerous thing”.  We will discuss what is best-suited web hosting means for your business/project.

Comparing Dedicated Server, Cloud Server and VPS

With everything available online from clothes to even vegetables and our Prime Minister’s Digital India campaign going in full flow, it is not long before every small shop, and things will be available online. It is imperative for each individual to know the most burning issue in this matter “Web Hosting”.

Web Hosting is a service that enables individuals and businesses to make their website/web portal accessible to the world over the internet. Web hosting services have improved tremendously over a couple of years but still people are not fully content with them. The primary reason for their sorrow is the lack of knowledge and awareness when it comes to choosing the right type of web hosting for their business.

Prominent web hosting services that are prevailing in the market are Cloud Server, Dedicated Server and VPN. They are slightly different from one another. One cannot comment that this service is superior to that one and vice versa. It is dependent on user’s use and their requirement. However, if you plan to use any of them to host your website let us know about each of them in brief.

Cloud Server:

Comparatively cloud technology is new and upcoming, but the grip it has managed to get on online web portals and e-commerce industry is worth noting. Cloud server hosting is becoming more and more common among online marketing business.

Cloud server hosting can be availed by various web hosting service providers. However, the leading among them is Hostgator. With more and more people opting to utilise resources offered by Hostgator, to host their website. The most noteworthy feature of cloud hosting is that it can easily be customised according to client’s need and requirement. Also, hosting using cloud technology is not rocket science or DU admission that you need to be among the elite to be able to do so. It is very reasonably priced, hassle-free, user-friendly and open to all.

If you host your website through cloud server hosting, you can easily access and maintain your online business portal, make changes and maintain it. The fees for this service is paid on a monthly basis so you need not worry about high initial costs as well.

Dedicated Server:

It is used to host server for a single or limited no of clients. Hardware is configured according For example Dedicated Servers; this is basically a kind of hosting server that is entirely operated by a single customer. Therefore, if you want to have a dedicated server, you need to configure your hardware accordingly. It is a highly reliable way to access unlimited data and information. However, it is expensive when compared to VPS and cloud technology.

VPS Hosting:

In VPS hosting, there are multiple servers available. The benefits include better processing power, bandwidth, RAM, speed and bandwidth space. Since, all servers are independent and have their own set of resources therefore if one server is down the other remains unaffected. However, if the website is infected, the entire system crashes and debugging is also tedious.

So, it is important to know your requirement and your budget before opting to any one of the above-mentioned web hosting.