Being the primary protection against weather elements like the sun, rain, snow and wind, the roof can be considered as one of the most important parts of a building. Since it is what encloses and shields the area against heat, cold, and precipitation, it must be given necessary care and attention. However, in what specific ways can you maintain the quality of your roof and make it last a little longer?

How To Extend Your Roof's Life Span

  1. Check for scraps and waste possibly accumulating on your roof.

Being the homeowner, you have the responsibility of checking your roof regularly. Through this, you get to see if there are debris being collected on your roof. Some of these might be fallen leaves, branches of trees, dirt or even bird wastes.

Should there be the presence of these scraps on your roof, clean them right away. You do not want these to build up over time and create a blockage, leading to major leakages that can cause damage to your roof and walls.

  1. Make sure there is proper attic ventilation.

Poor attic ventilation entails various concerns. It can worsen the natural wear and tear process of your roof and can cause early deterioration. With that, proper attic ventilation becomes necessary for the extension of the roof’s life span. If not given the right attention, the air will not flow freely and might reach into the insulation. This becomes a bigger problem during the summer when the air becomes too hot.

Once the hot air hits the insulation, keeping your home cool will be difficult. Aside from that, the air will set your shingles at a high temperature, so your roof will weaken leading to early decay.

  1. Tune-up your roof.

Encountering minor leaks and displaced shingles is inevitable, so the key is to tune-up your roof right away. Seal small leaks before they become bad enough to handle. Replace shingles that went missing or are broken.

  1. Schedule for regular roof inspection services.

There is no better way to extend your roof’s life span than to keep a regular roof inspection schedule. With the help of professionals in the field, you can have your roof evaluated and assessed. Through this, you can be informed of leaks and damages (which are hard to spot if you are not an expert!), and decide to have them repaired. Potential problems are also looked into and preventive measures can be done.

While these are effective guidelines to extending your roof’s life span, it is important to note that the most vital factors lie in the proper installation of your roof and employing the assistance professional roofers for its maintenance.

Written by True Son Exteriors, the best contractor for roofing in Columbia, MO.