Healthcare and Medical is a growing sector and second largest after IT sector. It provides a range of opportunities and occupations to candidates.

Choosing a career option in the medical field is most sought and satisfying career for those who have good knowledge of science and can easily handle sick people. This sector becomes so immense that specializations inside are rising every day. Every field is advanced and provides a range of career scope to candidates.

What Are The Career Options and Opportunities In Medical Field?

Start your career in medical line for getting highest paying medical jobs anywhere in the world. Every year number of vacancies for different posts is offered by different portals.

 List of different career option in Medical field:

  • Physician: A physician or doctor is a professional who diagnosis and treat the daily and miscellaneous illness of people. They provide a range of non-surgical health care to adult patients. They will care the difficult, unusual or serious problem of their patients and continue to see until these problems have resolved or established.An MBBS degree holder can work as a physician. They need to complete MBBS degree as well as a one-year internship to get the job in a medical field that pays well. For getting placed in government sector they need to clear some entrance exam.
  • Dentist: Dentists diagnose and treat the problems with teeth and tissues in the mouth. They give advice to patients and help them to prevent future problems. They use a variety of equipment’s, x-ray machine, drill, mouth mirrors, forceps etc.They need a bachelor degree to take admission to dental school. The dental school offers a specialized area of studies such as oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics or pediatric dentistry. Salary structure and future scope of the dentist is quite high in India.
  • Nursing: This one is the best career option for girls who want to make their career in this field. They play a significant role in hospital and their duties include communicating with patients and doctors.They need an Associate bachelor degree and Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. There are different fields of nursing and a large number of jobs available in India. They can pursue a 2-year or 4-year degree program according to their interest.

What Are The Career Options and Opportunities In Medical Field?

  • Laboratory Technician: The work of medical technician is exciting and varied according to the industry they work for. They test, examine and test body fluids, tissue cells, and many other substances. These technicians perform their job duties well under the guidance of laboratory technologies or laboratory managers.They can work at hospitals, medical laboratories, physicians’ offices, and university labs. They need a degree of a medical laboratory technician.
  • Pharmacist: Pharmacist professionals work in pharma industry or in hospitals. This industry is related to making medicines and delivers the medicines that meet the user requirements. People who work in Pharma industries are responsible for making the drugs that give ease of pain, that cure illness and for many more different diseases.They need to complete a 4-year bachelor degree program with a minimum of 50% grade.

What Are The Career Options and Opportunities In Medical Field?

It is quite difficult in the beginning to choose a career option. But once credibility and expertise are gained then there is a lot of demand for the good physicians and surgeons. With India fast developing as a health tourism destination, there is immense scope for the medical professionals to cure ailments as well as advice on healthier lifestyles.