Whether you’re on a diet or making adjustments to enjoy a healthier diet, there are certain things that consciously or unconsciously do and that harm us when you lose weight or maintain our ideal weight.

So we reveal 3 things you should stop doing to lose weight for good, and not gain weight again!

Eliminates the Free Days

Many of us hope that moderation will allow us to lose weight or maintain our weight, our diet without eliminating those things that we like. And while for some women it works perfectly, usually a disaster for others.

Supposedly, if you limit yourself to a few snacks you can eat onion rings, fries and chocolate cake, really anything and not gain weight. The problem is that few of us limit ourselves to a few bites. And the same goes for the day, in which we allow ourselves to eat whatever we please.

Whether to enjoy a meal that you have to wait for the day, it’s like an alcoholic were anxious month waiting to celebrate his sobriety with a beer, just it does not work that way. Unless you’re a person super conscious and controlled, forget about moderation and focus every day eating something you like and that also is healthy, and banishes those days of extra foods that do not contribute to your health or maintain your figure.

Forget the Miracle Solution

Every so often comes a new fast diet, and today there are many from which to choose; you just have to approach the newsstand, turn on the television or search the Internet to see someone promoting a new trick to lose weight or a miracle diet.

The truth is that many of them work, you lose some weight, but only if you follow to the letter (which is often extremely difficult) and agree that you may not lose as much weight (given that deadlines sometimes they are ridiculously short).

On the other hand, this kind of miracle diets is often unsustainable or unhealthy for longer periods. The solution comes when you realize that you cannot lose 5 kilos in time for Saturday’s wedding, and allow yourself to take time to lose weight without risking your health and eating nutritious foods.

End Blame Game

To most of us like to take charge of our mistakes; It is easier to blame our mother bake cakes too when we were children, to fast food restaurants serve greasy hamburgers, or our genes have inherited a tendency to clog up our family.

The idea that someone is guilty of our eating disorder is a very seductive idea … but for anything useful. Blaming is useless. Ultimately, no one decides what you bring to your mouth, but you. And when you recognize this, you realize that you have options and the power to choose.

When you let go of these things that stands between your health and your ideal weight, you can enjoy losing weight “inside out”, being fully aware of what you do and supporting and sustaining your own efforts.