Children are the angels of our lives, and we want to protect them and keep them safe every single minute. We want to be sure that they are taken care of in the best way possible and that they are given an environment that helps them grow beyond. Safety isn’t just about physical protection of your child; safety is about making sure no harm of any kind is done to them. For you to assure your child’s safety at his preschool, you need to look for answers to these questions before you send him to any of the many pre-school franchises in India.

Can I Visit Your Classrooms?

5 Questions You Must Ask To Ensure Your Child's Safety At Pre-School

What you’re looking for in a classroom is a safe haven for your child. When you visit the classroom, observe the kids. They should be comfortable and engaged in what they are doing, and not easily distracted or wandering aimlessly; they should be happy, and not bored or crying; the adults in the class environment must be caring, and sensitive, and not harsh. The classroom is a space where the children are given an environment that makes them want to stay there and learn, instead of wanting to go back home.

How Well Educated are the Teachers?

5 Questions You Must Ask To Ensure Your Child's Safety At Pre-School

What you’re looking for is a properly qualified teacher with a college degree, who is equipped enough to care your children in their early childhood and concentrate on the child’s education and development. The teacher is a huge component of a child’s pre-school life, and each preschool franchise in India has now started being really careful about who they appoint on the staff. Asking the question, however, never hurts.

How are the Children Assessed?

5 Questions You Must Ask To Ensure Your Child's Safety At Pre-School

Assessing a child’s performance only based on tests can be regressive. The examination system is a much disputed system in itself, and trying to judge a child by his performance on a sheet of paper, in a set number of minutes, does not seem like the best idea, especially for little pre-schoolers. A child’s in-class performance, along with his ability to grasp and learn things must be taken into account. So, what you’re looking for in a pre-school franchise in India is a testing system that does not rely only on grades in tests to assess a child’s abilities.

What are the Teaching Methods?

5 Questions You Must Ask To Ensure Your Child's Safety At Pre-School

Gone are the times when teaching in a classroom meant a board and a stick. Today, teaching is a process that is heavily integrated with the new world technology, and the use of play-way methods is common in all pre-school franchises in India. What integrating child ’s play methods to his education does is that it makes learning fun for him, allowing you to teach him more and more, without him feeling overburdened by the process of learning.

How much of it is your responsibility?

Taking a child to a pre-school is not enough. The work doesn’t end there. The child’s progress is going to be heavily affected by what you teach him at home, and how you integrate his life at home with his life in school. For this to successfully happen, you need to ask the question of what exactly it is that you can be doing to add to the growth of your child, and make sure that you comply.