Today, with a vehicle our life comes to halt. We need it for various reasons, be it basic commuting, promoting a cause or business, etc. No matter what you use your vehicle for, dressing it  up can make your ride interesting. The cheapest and the best way to dress your vehicle is by using car stickers. You can use these stickers either on the vehicle window or bumper.

Custom made stickers for car windows have a common synonym i.e. fun. From funny to catchy lines, you could create them as you like and want.

They are primarily placed on the windows of your car. They serve the following purposes:-

  • Advertise products or businesses
  • Warn passer bys
  • If you drive a public transport, use it to warn the passengers
  • It is used as a mark for identification

Where To Apply Car Stickers

 Common places where you could place your stickers are:-

  • Windows
  • Bumpers
  • Bonnet
  • Doors
  • Shields

Spread happiness

If you use these stickers wisely, you can actually make people smile. Some popularly used punch lines are:-

  • Am 70, you drive carefully
  • Am not drunk, just avoiding potholes
  • Closer you get, slower I’ll drive

Interesting, isn’t it? Just play with the words and you can create better punch lines. Using these you can not only make people smile, but also show the funny side of you.

 Buying these stickers

 These stickers can be bought from multiple sources. If you haven’t, then explore your nearby market. You could also check automotive aisles. It is best that you research online. You’ll get to see what different car sticker companies offer, and choose after comparing their rates, designs, material used, return policy, etc.

Some tips to help you

Below mentioned tips are of great use, before buying car window stickers:-

  • Check for the material, whether it is vinyl or cling film?
  • Where will you place your sticker?
  • While DIY, experiment with colors, shapes and images
  • Be cautious of the proportion, if DIY , then blend the text with images well
  • Once you are done with work, take a print of the final design

‘Take your time’ factor is very important because rushing will only spoil things up. Stay easy and see what is it that you want?

When out in the market to chose, you are bound to get confused. There are different designs and patterns. Before you explore the market to buy one, consider your requirements, what vehicle you have and the budget.

Besides, make sure that you choose the best car sticker online vendor. Although many offer these products over the internet, only a few are trustworthy. Visit a few of the websites and learn more about them by reading customer reviews, and the types of designs they offer.

Having said all of the above, anything done DIY looks unique because each mind is creative in its own way. If you have been thinking of something like this, these are indeed a good choice. Get one for your vehicle today.