The ways in which technology has made our lives more convenient are nearly incalculable especially when it comes to travel. Unfolding –and worse still, refolding –maps and stopping at filling stations to ask directions are all remnants of a not so distant past. The ease and accessibility of tablets and smartphones have all added to the simplicity of travel. Technology has placed all of the tools of a travel agent into the palm of our hands.

If you are preparing to hit the road with your family and your dog for a trip to Chicago, you will be thrilled to know the world of apps has caught up with all of your travel needs. With the aid of your clever gadgets, you can book a reservation in one of the better Chicago hotels with recommendations for pet-friendly hotels and family fun activities.

Pre-Planning on Your iPad

For those of you who want to keep an easy-to-read itinerary of your trip, you’ll be happy to know that Apple provides an iPad app spreadsheet application that will do just the trick. Free Spreadsheet by Luminant Software will help you keep a clear easily navigable list of places, times and budgets. Your spreadsheet will give you the opportunity to see your trip at a glance and allow you to make changes in an organized fashion. While glancing at hotel, event and restaurant websites provides great details, having a simple breakdown will help keep your family on time and on budget.

Contingency Plans are De Rigueur in the World of Technology

While technology makes our lives much easier on so many fronts, there are times when hotel reservations become lost in the shuffle. You don’t want your family and your family pet to be stuck in the city without a back-up plan. This is where your mobile apps and your spreadsheet can come into play. If you arrive at your hotel and the front desk clerk informs you that your reservation has been lost, you need to have a backup strategy to ensure safety and comfort in lodging for your loved ones.

You probably won’t have easy access to a desktop computer, but with your mobile device, you will have instant access to the Internet. With an application such as Hotel Reservations, you will be able to secure a hotel in no time. You can further solidify your plans by adding a list of additional hotels to your spreadsheet before you leave home. Taking full advantage of your mobile devices and applications may help to keep your family out of the cold of the Windy City if your primary plans go awry.

Technology on the Road

Technology can now make nearly every aspect of your road trip to Chicago simple. Between having your selection of music streaming from your iPod, a list of family friendly restaurants available along your trip’s route and the ability to pinpoint your location at any time during your road trip, mobile devices address all your travel needs.

Google Maps will keep you on course for your Chicago destination, regardless of where you start your trip. This app allows you to choose from a variety of routes and to live track your trip without worry of getting lost.

Your Trip With Technology

Traveling will be a breeze for you and your loved ones when you utilize mobile technology. While it doesn’t prevent grumpy kids or pumps in the road, it can help you keep calm when plans change. And it can keep you on track and relaxed as you follow your mobile itinerary.