A very common site in the parks nowadays is people wearing track suits and jogging or spreading mats and doing yoga. Yoga is said to cure many diseases like diabetes, heart and lung diseases, obesity and keeps a person healthy. But the amateurs trying yoga that we see around is basically the westernized form of it.

Yoga is of Indian origin and can be traced back to the Vedic times. Yoga is associated with traditional Indian culture and still many yogic gurus have kept the ancient traditional yoga culture alive. If you want to learn real yoga, India should be the first and the only choice because this is the birthplace of yoga.

A Brief History of Yoga in India

Besides, finding itself mentioned in the vedas, the yoga also finds itself in the Jaina and Buddhist texts. Mahayana Buddhism promotes the yoga as a spiritual practice. During the medieval period bhakti yoga, tantra with a sexual form of yoga appeared on the scene. From the 19th and 20th century the westerners started taking interest in this age old practices of yoga and the attribute for this can be given to swami Vivekananda, who made it famous through his tour in those countries.

At present also yoga is gaining importance not only in India but also throughout the world. People from all over the world come to India to learn yoga, an international yoga day has also been introduced.

Why a Yoga Training in India is Important?

Practising yoga keeps a person healthy. Since, this practise was introduced to the world by India first, the yoga taught here is quite authentic.

Moreover, India is a diverse land, where a large number of people belonging to different culture, religion and speaking different language reside. Taking the yoga training in India will help to understand the diverse culture of the subcontinent and you can be assured to completely fall in love with the different culture.

Yoga training in India will also help you to demonstrate your own country’s culture to your fellow yoga learners. In short, an exchange of ideas and culture can be achieved.

Also, yoga training in India will introduce you to a unique concept, which was introduced and can be found in the subcontinent only, that is non-violence. This concept was introduced by M.K Gandhi and is still alive or rather yoga is keeping it alive. Though yoga does not promise nirvan, yet it will teach you the concept of non violence and how to get rid of desires. Infact, a yoga training course in India will make you question about life.

Are you bored of visiting the hospitals and taking those bitter medicines? No worry as yoga training in India will also cover the art of ayurveda. It is a traditional form of healing the body. Keeping your body subject to daily yoga and ayurveda will keep the diseases away and ensure  healthy body and increase the life expectancy.

Choosing the Right School for Yoga Training in India

You can find a large number of yoga schools in India, which claim to be really good for yoga training. But remember that all yoga schools are not authentic and before enrolling yourself in any such school, get a thorough research done. Do not get fooled. Remember that all Indians are not expert in yoga. There are professionals and yoga gurus who gives the best yoga trainings in India.

One of the best yoga schools in this respect is the AyurYoga Eco-Ashram, located between Mysore and Kerala. It is a huge organic farm, guaranteed to give a real good experience. Enroll yourself and see how the concentration level increases, the stress level decreases and a good harmony is maintained between the body and the mind. Come for a life changing experience at AyurYoga Eco Ashram, located away from the dazzles of the city in a calm place, for all the relaxation and satisfaction that you need.