Health Threat

Slime flux is the most common disease that your trees can catch. And yes, it is as bad as it sounds. Trees that have been struck by lightning or undergone pruning will have sap oozing out of their wounds. That sap will attract bacteria which will infect it and cause it to darken. That area on the bark will then change texture while taking on a disgusting odor. Slime flux is more commonly known as wet wood and the cure has yet to be found.

A dying tree suffering from the slime flux disease attracts insects such as flies, ants and maggots. If the tree is near your home you will probably have a problem with the insects entering. Other than flies and ants, your dead tree can also attract rats or mice. While you thought you could leave your tree to rot until you have found a fair use for it, the rats will have already started to devise strategies to invade your home.

Dead Trees: Why Should We Remove Them Promptly

Dead Trees can be Deadly

Extreme weather conditions have plenty of influence on the life of a tree, as well. Trees are frequently being destroyed because they are natural conductors for lightning strikes on the ground. Sometimes the trees recover from the strike but if the damage is too great, the decay will gradually set in and the tree will die.

In a recent conversation with my local tree lopping experts, I discovered that dead trees can also be lethal. A huge rotten branch on a high tree is potentially dangerous and its impact could be fatal to humans. The impact of a falling lifeless tree branch could damage your property too. Your car and your house could be destroyed and that is another reason for removing your dead tree ASAP.


This is an important category when it comes to our quality of life. It is desirable to keep our environment clean. A decomposed tree may be an oasis for fungal infections such as heart rot, but for plants it is completely the opposite. A decaying tree trunk that is infested with maggots and bacteria sounds like something out of a nightmare. By having it removed we can change the nightmare into something positive and create a healthier environment for everyone.

The Course of Action

The best thing to do when a tree is dying is to call an arborist to assess the damage and help save it. If you catch the disease on time, the tree removal will be less expensive and you might actually save the tree. In case the tree dies, you should call a professional tree service to have it removed.