Traditionally, people try to spend their vacation in the European cities. Obviously, the most important point of your vacation is tasting different dishes from the local cuisine. This is a chance to go through different countries to make your travelling tasty and interesting. To save your time, you should read the article about the main dishes from the European countries. Ask for them in the local cafes and restaurants.

TOP 5 Dishes to Try in Germany

Of course, German cuisine is not dietic. So, be ready to eat heavy dinner and lunch, including meat dishes, sweet pastry and beer.

Eintopf – substantial fat soup with different vegetables and spices.

Eisbein – famous ham hock with crispy cover, potato and portion of sour-crout.

Berlin Roll – red bacon with brisket and plums, green pees garnish, potato and bacon crisps.

Sauerbraten – pickled beef, fried with vegetables, apples, raisins and ginger.

Rote Grütze – dessert, made of fresh berries with cream and vanilla sauce.

Deer goulash, dumpling, leeks, cranberries

TOP 5 Dishes to Try in Finland

The Finns are proud of their pastry. Everything is tasty and melting here. The names are strange but you should remember them.

Karjalanpiirakka – baked buns made of rye dough with rice, potato, carrots and eggs.

Kalakukko is a big pie with fish and fats.

Stewed venison is tasty meat dish. It is useful and juicy meat with mashed potato and berry souse.

Leipäjuusto is a kind of soft and sweet chees made of goat and deer milk.

Korvapuusti is traditional cinnamon bun. This is the perfect dessert with coffee.

TOP 5 Dishes to Try in Italy

Italians have special attitude to the art of cooking. Every region has a lot of traditional dishes that you cannot find somewhere else.

Frittata is Italian omelet with cheese, vegetable and meat filler.

Cacciucco is a kind of soup made of seafood with tomato pasta and red wine.

Minestrone is vegetable soup with beans, pasta and rice.

Osso Buco is popular dish of Milanese cuisine. This is aromatic beef with olive oil and garnish.

Сannoli is Sicilian crispy roll pastry with mascarpone, ricotta, and syrup.

simple minestrone

TOP 5 Dishes to Try in Spain

Spanish cuisine is popular with vegetables, fish, meat in separate dishes and all together. You may hire a car in Barcelona, main Spanish city, and go in search of the tastiest dish ever.

Salmorejo – cold tomato soup with white bread, ham and eggs.

Croquetas – fried chicken rolls with bechamel, cottage cheese, broccoli and millions of different fillers.

Bacalao – is a kind of fish that is highly respectable for locals and tourists. It is really tasty to try any kind of fish with sauce.

Madrid ragout is complex by its ingredients: chicken, smoked sausage, ham, cabbage, onion, green beans, rice, garlic and bacon.

Tarta de Santiago is traditional dessert made of lemons and almond.

TOP 5 Dishes to Try in France

Meet French cuisine! It takes you months and months to try all tasty things. If you have a couple of days, you may try the best of the best.

Confit de canard is classic dish that consist of the stewed meat with vegetable garnish.

Coq au Vin is chicken meat, stewed with wine and bacon and vegetables.

Foie Gras is popular goose liver that is served as separate dish or in a combination with hot dishes.

Soupe à l’oignon is national dish! This is the real masterpiece made of onion, bread crisps and beef soup.

Parfait is impressive dessert made of creams and vanilla sugar.

TOP 5 Dishes to Try in Portugal

Before you start trying different dishes in Portugal, it is better to taste local coffee.

Bochechas is a kind of pork meat that is stewed in red wine and grilled after.

Arroz de polvo – juicy octopus meat that is usually cooked with rice, onion, tomatoes, pepper and spices.

Caldo verde is national soup made of green cabbage, potato, garlic, olive oil and chorizo.

Frango Piri-Piri is meat with piquant sauce.

Pastel de Belém is kind of cakes with sugar, cinnamon and pastry cream.

Charred octopus on "cornbread" and turnip greens

TOP 5 Dishes to Try in Greece

Greek cuisine starts with aromatic spices. Greeks use interesting spices for fish and meat.

Sudzukakia means cutlets with wine, garlic and caraway seeds.

Ahinosalata is delicacy salad with sea urchins, olive oil and kemon.

Moussaka is the most popular Greek dish that means vegetable casserole with meat, aromatic spices, olive oil and béchamel.

Mutton ribs is tasty dish fried with spices and wine.

Milk pie is traditional dessert that is made of creams, lemon and semola.

TOP 5 Dishes to Try in Norway

If you want to try something special, go to Norway!

Farikal is one of the most famous dishes of local cuisine. It is made of stewed lamb, black pepper and flour.

Lutefisk means smoked cod with spices, potato, bacon crisps, cottage cheese and mustard.

Fiskebopllar is fish dumpling with interesting sauce made of milk and lemon.

Bergen fish soup means fish soup made of fresh salmon and cods.

Кrumkake is crispy cookies of flour, butter, eggs and creams with sugar.

TOP 5 Dishes to Try in Belgium

Belgium is famous with cuisine traditions and dishes that you cannot try somewhere else.

Witloof is potato cake with chicory, béchamel sauce and cheese. All potatoes are wrapped in the bacon slice.

Boudin blanc means white sausages with milk that are usually fried with grill to serve with mashed potato and apple juice.

Stoemp is mashed potato with creams, bacon and spices.

Waterzooi is traditional sop or ragout made of fish or chicken with vegetables and creams.

Liege waffles are made of butter dough with sugar and caramel.

Liège Waffle

This article helps you to go travelling over the European cities to taste the most popular and colorful national dishes. You can easily discover something new to make it new favorite dish. Whenever you are, go to the nearest restaurant or small cafe and try national dish. They can speak about the country you are travelling by much better than touristic guide.