Bikaner already in the extreme north of Rajasthan receives few tourists. Visiting Bikaner can therefore be an excellent option. Life in the city has a slow pace within what may be considered slow in India and a very mystical self. Plane tires are used to make car tires since camels have very high legs.

This is how life lives in a city in the desert of Thar in Rajasthan far from the crowds of tourists both domestic and foreign, who travel in India.


1. Bikaner – The Old Town

The town of Bikaner is a beautiful place to spend some time especially the part inside the ramparts. There are several temples that deserve an attentive visit with the Hindu temples or the  Jain temples. But there is much more. There are narrow streets in the old town where the houses are still beautiful traditional havelis. Bikaner deserves to be lost in its streets and bazaars and to know its population.

If you have lots of time to visit Bikaner then go to the river where there are still traditional crematory Ghats.

Tips for visiting

  • Explore the city on foot and you’ll be surprised as Bikaner is a fabulous city.
  • Do not miss the part of the walls very well preserved.
  • Getting to Bikaner is simple because there are several buses and trains.

2. Junagarh Fort

Junagarh Fort in Bikaner is one of the best preserved in India and Rajasthan. The fort is truly impressive, both in size and glamorous. The city was one of the main kingdoms of India in 16th Century. Inside the fort which looks more like a palace, there are several pavilions and temples.

 The Anup Mahal , the maharajah’s courtroom, the Karan Mahal , the public courtroom, the Chandra Mahal , the Moon Palace, the Phool Mahal , the Flower Palace, the Badal Mahal , the Palace of the Clouds, the Hawa Mahal , Palace of Winds, Lal Niwas , decorated and oldest wing of the fort, and Durbar Niwas , Coronation Palace are the top attractions and not to be missed. This is the most important place to explore when visiting Bikaner.

Tips for visiting

  • The fort is open every day except Friday.
  • The entrance ticket costs 200 rupees / person.

3. Camel Research Center

One of the most distinctive places of Bikaner is the Camel Research Center. It is not a reservation or a place for tourists but can be visited. There a group of researchers carries out various experiments with camels testing their carrying capacity, physical stamina and water consumption in the desert.

The center has a very own rhythm with several places where the male camels are another for the females, another for the pregnant camels, another for the young etc. At mealtimes and breastfeeding, the center gains another momentum. There is a museum and a small shop. You can wander the grounds to discovery and so it is a very interesting place when you visit Bikaner. There are about 400 camels in the center.

Tips for Visiting

  • The best time to visit the Camel Research Center is at the camel’s mealtime when they stroll around the grounds (3pm and 6pm).
  • You can take camel rides in the center. Camels carry things worse. They are pack animals and are not used for tourist purposes only.
  • The center is 8km from Bikaner and is only open in the afternoon from 2pm to 6pm.
  • The entrance ticket costs 200 rupees / person.
  • A Bikaner rickshaw back and forth to the center cost us 200 rupees.

4. Temple of the Rats

If you are visiting Bikaner, do not miss the Temple of the Rats about 35 km from the city. It is also known as Karni Mata Temple – an incarnation of the Goddess Durga Devi. This is the weird and unique place to visit in India. This temple is situated from the date back of 15th century.

Tips for Visiting

  • Go inside barefoot
  • Share and receive the Prasad inside
  • Step carefully as any rat come under your feet.