These days, parents are not as worried about their kids sneaking out as they are for them gluing to their smartphones all the time. It’s an epiphany for parents for sure, especially for those who know the risks involved of going online all the time. The dangers are two-fold; either a kid can intentionally peek around places where they shouldn’t, like adult websites, social media apps etc., or people with sinister intentions can lurk into these kids’ digital lives. Internet is the best place for pedophiles, bullies and sexual harassers; they can simply fulfill their purpose without facing any peculiar consequences.

One way to deal with the eminent hazards of kids’ online activity is to monitor it. Parents can check their kids’ smartphones and tablets time by time to ensure no anomalous or maleficent activity is taking place. There are many ways to do it.

View Smartphone Activity Of Your Kids With A Mobile Monitoring AppParents can talk to their kids about the safe use of their gadgets. They can provide all the ancillary guidelines required to make it happen, like, they can tell their kids not to converse with strangers on social media networks; not to share their personal information with people they don’t trust; use social media apps, only after they have a complete understanding about their use. Apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Kik and Peeple are a few that need parents’ special attention; not to share any inappropriate or nude photos on social media networks, nor keep them inside their phone’s storage. These few techniques can have a very positive effect your kids’ online security.

The problem: However, it’s not that easy to ensure that kids follow all the guidelines, especially for teens. It can get really tricky to talk to them about all this. You can also expect your teenagers to response negatively to a parenting session.

Use of a mobile monitoring app: Using a smartphone monitoring app can save you much of the parent-kids conversational trouble. The best way to keep your kids secure is by educating and talking to them. This includes informing them about monitoring. You can tell your kids thatjust like a doctor examines patients to know if everything is fine, similarly, parents can do the same to make sure that their kids are safe.

There are many options available for parents. If their kids are using an iPhone, there are many jailbreak and NoJailbreak apps available. For other OS like Android, WP and even Blackberry, parents can find reliable apps too. XNSPY is one app that can monitor both iOS (jailbreak and NoJailbreak) and Android devices. So if you have diversified smartphone users at home, this app sounds like the perfect idea. You can monitor calls, SMS, emails, internet browser history, calendar events and even contacts with this app. Apart from phone logs monitoring, the app can be used to read text conversations over IM apps like Facebook, Viber, Line, Skype Kik, iMessage and WhatsApp.

A Mobile monitoring app can subtly do what conversations and parenting sessions with your kids can’t. You can learn more about the XNSPY Dashboard app, features and price by clicking here.