Many household fix-ups are generally very easy to perform and do not require much professional attention. For these, a handy tool to possess is a screwdriver. Perhaps the most widely used tools around the house; a common confusion amongst purchasers is whether to buy a simple screwdriver or an electric screwdriver.

In India, electric screwdrivers are easily available in both online markets, as well as in hardware stores. Spelling convenience, as well as enhanced work output, electric screwdrivers in India come at a very reasonable price range. Depending on the size, model and functional output, electric screwdrivers in India can be priced.

Choosing the right electric screwdriver is not a very difficult task and in case of confusion, buyers can always consult with the salesmen to make the right choice. A more common confusion lies in choosing between buying an electric screwdriver or a manual one.

Advanced Features of Electric Screwdrivers

Electric screwdrivers come with a number of advanced features that make them more beneficial to buyers than manual ones. Here are the advanced features that electric screwdrivers offer:

A Wide Array of Functions

Electric screwdrivers are built differently from simple one to accommodate a wider array of functions. Depending on their type and model, electric screwdrivers can be used for simpler activities, as well as more complex and intricate ones.

To pick the right electrical screwdrivers, purchasers can always contact the suppliers for assistance. Simpler tasks, for instance would need a low key electrical screwdriver with a smaller power output. Impact drivers can be used for larger tasks, involving a little more complexity.

Availability of Corded or Cordless Option

Electric screwdrivers come with the option of being corded or cordless. Clients requiring the screwdriver for functions that call for lower power output can go in for the more handy and portable cordless screwdrivers. For functions demanding more power output, impact electrical screwdrivers with cords can be purchased to connect to power sources.

Torque Control

Depending on the need, users of electrical screwdrivers also have the option of controlling the force with which it operates. This can be done by modulating the torque control, which determines the number of rotations that the screwdriver makes per minute. Electrical screwdrivers offer users the opportunity to set the torque control according to present need.

Reverse Rotation

Electrical screwdrivers in India also come with a reverse rotation option that allows the user to unscrew screws effectively.

Motor Core

Depending on the core of the motors the electric screwdrivers can be differentiated. Brushlless core and carbon brush are the two type of core motor runs. Brushless life is good , reliable , low noise, no replacement parts and many more functions. In the other hand carbon brush motor after using screwdriver for a period the carbon brush has to be replaced time to time.