When you hear the term arrest, the first thought that comes to your mind is about convict, crime, jail time, etc. However, many are not aware bail bonds, which can get you out in exchange of a certain amount of security.

Bail Payment - Some Commonly Asked Questions Regarding The Topic

What Should You Know About Bail Bonds?

It is better that you know about the legal procedures involved in bailing out yourself or a close friend or a family member, when arrested for any kind of illegal activity.

Bail Bond

Bail bond is actually a type of surety that the convict’s side pay to the court of law, to free the accused from jail for a certain period of time. This contractual undertaking involves solicitor, amount payer, bondsman (who provides the bail in the way as suggested by court of law) and also an insurance company. After applying for bail, the solicitor and bondsman will assure the court of law that the accused will appear to all hearings from then on, without fail, till the case is resolved.

Cost of the Bail Bond

There is no particular number that is set as bail cost. Each state has its own rules and limitations and hence, the bail amount as set from each court varies accordingly. However, if the accused or any of his or her indemnitor applies for bail, then they should finish making the payment of 10% of the overall bail amount as set by the court.

Cheap Bail – Is it possible to find one

When you look through the law books, you will notice that the bail amount is non-negotiable. Even though it is not available as an option, some courts might be open for negotiations. However, you cannot expect the amount reduction in all bail bond types.

Negotiate Premium or 5% Bail Off – Is it Possible

Bail premium is strictly non-negotiable. Hence, never entertain people who guarantee you of getting at least 5% reduction in bail amount. Sometimes, this unlawful practice might put you and your dear one in the position wherein the accused might be turned back to the prison.

Bail Bondsman and their Role

Bail bondsman in San Diego is also known as the lawful professional. They can be hired by the convict’s party to help them complete the bail transaction without any hassle. It is not easier for everyone to arrange and pay the bail amount without any problem. It is during such cases that the bondman comes to help. They will not only be licensed, but will help you understand the legal procedures that should be followed while completing the payment of surety.

Paying Bail Bond

There are many bail bond types such as cash bond, property bond, immigration bond, etc. Not all courts accept money and only property. Hence, make sure to understand about the bail bond type that is excused by the court of law in your state. If the court accepts cash bond, then make sure that you understand the types of payment that is obliged such as Credit or Debit Card Payment, Cash, etc.

O.R (Own Recognizance)

Some defendants do not have to wait till the payment of bail bond is cleared, to get released. If the crime is of lesser or minor scale, then the court will release the defendants on the basis of Own Recognizance (O.R).