Microsoft (“MS”) has plans to unveil a suite of ultra-enhanced, socially-activated CRM apps and novel mobile apps on some fine day this Fall.

On July 2, MS publicly disclosed intentions to introduce a new version of Dynamics CRM 2013 and a close Cloud-bound “cousin” Dynamics CRM Online Fall ’13 in Autumn.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 portends to enable enterprises to have better engagement with super-savvy modern consumers.  New integrations are designed to facilitate better interactions with increasingly shrewder buyers with omniscient social media and Internet access.

V.P. of MS CRM Dynamics Bob Stutz posited that identical issues affect B2B and B2C arenas.  In a recent blog post, Stutz stated that it is not surprising that many consumers are more than halfway through the sales cycle prior to contacting  business research subjects. As most of the marketing cycle occurs prior to initial customer contact, Dynamics CRM 2013 was developed to address this issue by assisting companies to engage “smartly” with consumers whenever initial contact does occur.

Ultra-enhanced, Socially-activated CRM

Stutz stated that MS can assist sales divisions accomplish this aim via its imminent new release. He went on to add that MS Dynamics has overhauled its previously-envisioned CRM solutions to adjust for changing elements.  According to Stutz, the net desirable result is to making business more personal.

Data Storehouses & BI Systems Capabilities Expanded to Real-Time, Large-Scale, On-Demand Download of Analytical Data

A novel, “fully refashioned” user interface design purportedly aligns with company ethos of “rapid fluidity” via delivery of contextual data and better workflow management.  Largely thanks to Yammer’s support, new social media functions allow clients to easily collaborate with peers.

Just last week, MS commemorated the first birthday of its $1.2 billion  Yammer acquisition.    Yammer VP David Sacks disclosed that Yammer’s user activity levels doubled during the past 12 months and consistently triples its prior-year paid network growth.  Yammer registered seats presently number roughly 8 million, which represents a 55% increase.

Anxious to interlace Yammer’s business social capability with more of its software offerings, MS has conducted a coordinated campaign to duplicate these assets in  enterprise solutions; i.e., Office.  It even looks like Dynamics CRM has even been drafted for duty.  According to MS, its imminent new release offers collaborative capabilities that enable client staffs to interact for idea exchanging and knowledge sharing that affect exemplary customer service.

Moreover, Dynamics CRM 2013 support capability for automated  MarketingPilot marketing has been promised.    MS announced an intended October 17 acquisition of multimedia marketing software vendor MarketingPilot at an undisclosed price.  Another MS “iron in the fire” are new Windows-8 tablet and iPad mobile apps that enable user accessibility to CRM metrics and features.  MS says that mobile apps for Windows-8, iPhone, and Android Smart Phones will emerge right afterwards.

Finally, the MS mission of linking Skype and Lync telecom solutions will begin paying handsome dividends to Microsoft Dynamics 2013 Partner clients.  Transparent trans-platform accessibility will allow companies real-time communications with organizational and individual customers. MS predicts positive impacts of this phenomenon to be B2C relationships that are better informed, longer, and mo