When it comes to all of the information and documents that your business has, it is important that you have reputable security programs that can help store everything securely. After all, a system breach or any other issue can put all of your customers information at risk, which could be disastrous for your company. Here are five programs that you should consider that are certain to improve your businesses security.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition

Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition may be one of the most comprehensive and complete programs there are in terms of security for your business. Not only is it easy to setup and install on multiple computers, but you can do so on your entire network of computers. That means that everyone is safe and protected, no matter how much you have going on at your company. It also comes at a reasonable price, for how much it does.

Avast! Endpoint Protection

Avast! is a great tool that is perfect for small businesses. This program lets you specify how your accounts are setup and in what way you want to store all of your businesses information. There is also an antivirus protection, which helps protect you from phishing and other intruder threats.

5 Programs That Improve Your Business Security

Bitdefender Cloud Security

With many companies transitioning to the cloud, it only makes sense that you would make a point to ensure that this resource is free of security threats. Bitdefender Cloud Security allows you to configure what websites your company can use and where it can store information, in order to protect your business and the security of others that you store to the cloud. This also comes in handy for documents that you sign with Foxit, an acrobat alternative which itself can encrypt pdf files, before you upload them to the cloud for others to see. Overall, if your company is transitioning to the cloud, you need Bitdefender.

F-Secure Client Protection

F-Secure isn’t as easy to setup as some of the other names on this list, but that comes with a reason. F-Secure is a very complete program that will certainly protect all of your company’s information. It may be one of the most secure programs to make this list, as it offers various levels of security and safety. And while you may need someone to help you install the program on all of your networks, it’ll be worth it once you have it.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Core

With a host intrusion prevention system, firewall protection, antivirus and network attack blocker, you can’t go wrong with Kaspersky Endpoint Security For Business Core. On it’s own, the antivirus protection is great for any business. But when you tack on all of the extras as well, you get one of the top options for keeping your company secure from malicious attacks. You can only install Kaspersky on ten computers, so it may not be ideal for companies with network setups.