Are you puzzled when using PowerPoint sometimes? In this article, I will list some small PowerPoint tips. Maybe they are all common, but practical ones. Hope these tips will make you convenient in your work and life.

1. How to Resize Pictures

You can size pictures in PowerPoint by clicking the picture with the mouse and dragging it to a new size. If you don’t want to “stretch” the picture (keeping the horizontal aspect ratio the same) but enlarge it, hold the Crtl key when changing the size. You can also click the corner of the picture and enlarge it and the aspect ratio will remain the same.

2. How to Use Scanned Photos in PowerPoint

In Microsoft PowerPoint, you may want to add your own scanned photos into a slide to spice up your presentation. But very large pictures can slow down you slide show when they start to load. Even if a picture takes only a few seconds to load, it can throw off your entire presentation, as well as your timing. Recommend using smaller sized photos to help your slide show run exactly how it should.

3. How to Use Graphics with Text Efficiently

While working in Microsoft PowerPoint, you may decide to use text over graphics. This can either make or break your presentation, depending on how well you select your font and color. When working with text and a full color, it can be very difficult to pick the right color and font style. However, when working with a picture that only contains a few colors, text on top of it can spice up the slide�s appearance.

4. How to Record a Narration in PowerPoint

You can record a narration into a PowerPoint slide easily. Do this:
* Go to the Slide you wish to add a narration to.
* From the Insert menu select Movies and Sounds.
* Click Record Sounds.
* When ready, click the Record button (the red circle).
* When finished recording, click the black Stop button.
* Click OK.

5. How to Add a Background Sound to a PowerPoint Slide

To add a background sound to a PowerPoint slide, follow this:
* Open the Insert menu.
* Select Movies and Sounds.
* Click Play CD Audio Track.

6. When Using AVI files with Presentations

Using an AVI file with a presentation may spice it up, but it can also ruin it. Make sure to keep your AVI file normal size. A movie playing that is viewed too big will not have anywhere near the quality that a smaller viewed movie will.

7. How to Convert Your PowerPoint to DVD

You can use Windows Movie Maker, but you may not be able to keep the animations and sounds in your presentation. Another choice is to use a professional tool to help you do this easily. Here I recommend the Wondershare PPT2DVD. With a high conversion quality, you can do it easily.
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Small PowerPoint tips but useful. Welcome to share more tips here!