Switzerland is a wonderful mountainous country located in the middle of Western Europe. It is located at the slopes of the Alps. Until now, Switzerland is not yet a member of the European Union. As a result, it still uses Swiss Franc as the national currency. The country’s primary industries are tourism and banking. Due to constant influx of foreign funds, Switzerland is one of the richest countries. Depending on the country of origin, travellers may or may not require visa to enter Switzerland. As an example, travellers from Canada and the United States don’t require visa to enter the country.

Switzerland is a wonderful place to visit and tourists are able to enjoy the beautiful mountainous region. Its comfortable cities and towns are known for their exquisite fine dining experience. There are many cities and towns that we can visit in Switzerland. Basel is known as a unique city, especially because there are four separate languages spoken by locals, depending on the location of the inhabitants in the city. German for the northern side, French on western side, Italian for the southern part and Romanche, that’s very similar to Latin. However, street signs are in German and local authority uses German for official uses.

Travelling In Switzerland

Although a rather small city, Bern is currently the capital of the country and it is located in the French-speaking region of Switzerland. When visiting Bern, we could reach various parts of the city only by walking. Luzerne is a part of Bern where German- and French-speaking inhabitants of the city meet. The most famous city in Switzerland is Geneva and it is considered as the convention center of the country. It is also the headquarters of various UN organizations, including the WHO. During the Cold War era, NATO and Warsaw Pact had many summits in the city. The actual business center of Switzerland is Zurich and it is also the biggest in the country.

Switzerland is known for its glacier and the most famous is the Rhone Gletsch, which is the actual source of the river Rhone. It flows from Switzerland to France and finally into the Mediterranean Sea. For many travellers, the Rhone Gletcsh is a wonderful place to visit due to various ice caves and at specific time of the day, the sunlight produces glinting bluish light as it penetrates packed snow and ice sheets. Travellers should also go inside the San Bernadino Tunnel that’s essentially a hole drilled through the Alps. In the continental Europe, it is considered as the longest tunnel. It connects Switzerland and German.

As we travel through the country, we could witness the breathtakingly impressive landscape. The country is also known for its friendly people. Switzerland is also known for a very low to nearly non-existent crime rate. Although Switzerland is a purely neutral country, it is fully ready for an external attack. Each structure in the country has an air raid shelter that could potentially withstand nuclear onslaughts. The local population is demanded to be ready for an attack and they are required to serve for two years in the military.