India is called the land of festivals. Each state has a festival which ultimately becomes its specialty. Whether it’s Onam for Kerala, Pongal for Tamil Nadu, Durga Pujo for West Bengal or Baisakhi for Punjab. These festivals are either religious or cultural. However, there is one state known for holding the most epic annual festivals and no they’ve got nothing to do with religion. They are crazy, wild and at none other than Goa. Read on to know the best festivals Goa is hosting this year-

Goa Carnival

Festivals In Goa You Can’t Give A Miss

Goa carnival tops our list of the best annual festivals taking place in Goa.  If Goa has a highlight in February apart from all the mainstream attractions, then it has to be the Goa Carnival. Flocks of tourists make their pilgrimage to celebrate the advent of Lent and soak themselves in the pleasures of a simple and laid back Goan lifestyle. It’s a crazy 4-day ride, with travelers all over the world cheering and indulging themselves in the traditional Goan festivities.  The starting point of the festival is Panaji, the capital of Goa, and proceeds all the way to Margo, or Marmagao, which is one of the most strategic coastal cities in Goa.

Colourful floats, feasts, live music, dance, fire and acrobatic performances, sports competitions, fancy dress parades, the Red and Black Ball and much more set Goa on fire.  If you are not comfortable in the crowds, you can party with the festive cheery mood even in the many villa in Goa.

Grape Escapade

Grape escapade in Goa

Every year hundreds of wine lovers witness the magic of the Grape escapade in Goa. A paradise for every wine aficionado, this great escapade is full of food, fashion, dance, frolic, fun and of course wines. Wine connoisseurs get together from all around the world for this 4-day extravaganza. The festival goers vouch by the wines they taste here whether from India or abroad.  The Grape Escapade Queen contest is one of the highlights of the festival.  You might find happy travelers stomping grapes to produce in the sunny setting of Goa.

International Film Festival of India

International Film Festival of India

Each year, most movie fanatics head religiously towards the International Film festival. A festival lasting for a period of 10 days, this is uncompromisingly on the bucket list on every movie buff. The glitz, the glamour, the who’s who of Bollywood and the most amazing movies stud this crazy gala.  The nexus of this festive extravaganza is Panjim, the capital of Goa.  Film screenings of various genres are hosted here. Don’t be surprised to bump into your favourite national or international filmmakers.

These were the most happening and famous festivals of Goa. With the beaches, the sun, everlasting parties and the wonderful bungalows in Goa, Goa is not a place it’s a feeling. And its festivals only make it fonder.