Charleston is one of the most incredible cities in the country, with a great mix of history and modern beauty that makes it a dream come true to most: but how does it handle winter?  Winter is the most unwelcoming season of the year, making people stay inside and avoid contact with others. Can Charleston take that?

These are the top ways to make the most out of the worst season in Charleston and why even a rough winter here is still a great time.

Why Charleston?

Charleston is one of the oldest cities in the country, and with that history comes a lot of charm, intrigue, and significance in our daily lives.  Although a lot of this city’s history is darker and painful to learn, it’s made the city into what it is today, and it’s important to acknowledge that.  Charleston has some of the best food in the country, incredible welcoming vibes, and is truly an amazing place to go.

What to Do

There’s a lot to do in Charleston during the winter!  A popular visit is to explore the Gibbes Museum of Art or walk the Arthur Ravenel Junior Bridge!  Consider hiking, despite the chillier weather, if you want to keep in motion while you’re visiting.  The winters aren’t terribly cold, and it can be a lot of fun!

What to See

Although you may have your hands full looking at Charleston houses for sale, there’s a lot more to look at while you’re here in the winter!  In the winter, there’s so much to see!  The best way to do this is to go on a tour of the historic district via horse-drawn carriage!  You can also head to the beach and enjoy having it to yourself while you hunt for shells or explore the shoreline.  This is a beautiful sight year-round, not just in the summer.

What to Eat

The best eateries in Charleston are consistent year-round, but there are some eateries that sound out the best for the winter.  Magnolias is a favorite of locals and tourists alike, thriving as the top-rated restaurant in the city.

If you’d rather go somewhere a little more affordable with a lot of charm, the Watch Rooftop Kitchen and Spirits on Wentworth Street is one of the best places to go.  Here you get endless views, awesome flavor, and affordable fun.

Where to Stay

The best place to stay in Charleston in the winter is the John Rutledge House Inn!  This inn is over 260 years old, offering the chance to connect with history while also enjoying the quaint and beautiful building.

Here you can enjoy a beautiful veranda, a gorgeous courtyard, and enough space to lounge and have fun.  The rooms are in high demand and pricier for Christmas, but it’s worth the price for the Christmas magic it offers!

There’s No City Better for Christmas

When you’re ready to cut loose and have fun while still getting a pretty-warm winter, it’s time to head to Charleston!  This city will allow you to connect to history while giving you a future to look forward to.