If you want to have an amazing vacation, you may want to think about visiting Vancouver. Located on the Western edge of Canada, Vancouver has moderate weather year round and there are plenty of things to do. Not only are there amazing nature activities, but there are also museums, sights, restaurants and much more. Just because you are solo, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. When it comes down to it, Vancouver is also relatively affordable to get to. In most cases, tickets aren’t too expensive if you go during the right time. Before you visit Vancouver, though, it can help to have an idea of what you are going to do. Here are five fun things to do for solo travelers in Vancouver.

5 Fun Things For Solo Travelers To Do In Vancouver

  1. Take a bike ride along the beautiful seawall – on a gorgeous sunny day, this can offer one of the most memorable experiences from your trip to Vancouver. If you look up Hipmunk’s guide to Vancouver, you will see that biking along this seawall is one of the most fun things to do in this beautiful city and you’ll also get some great exercise.

  1. Visit the Chinese garden – located in Vancouver’s Chinatown, this authentic Chinese garden borrows from Ming Dynasty-era “scholar gardens,” which were a popular place to rest, relax and think. Not only can you enjoy a cup of tea in the garden, but you can also spend time in the shade and read. If you need a place to rest and reflect, you’ll definitely want to visit the Chinese garden.

  1. Take a ferry to Granville Island – if you are a true gourmand, you definitely want to visit Granville. Indeed, when you visit Granville, you will be able to smell the wafting aroma of the smorgasbord that awaits you. Not only will you have fun on the island, you will also have fun getting there – seeing the water can be an incredibly beautiful site. During the spring and summer, Vancouver is at its greenest.

  1. Sample the different restaurants – one of the most fun things to do when you visit Vancouver on your own is to visit the restaurants; and when you’re not traveling with anyone you can pick whichever restaurant to go to. This is a great way to be around other people, but also to carve out your own special place. When it comes down to it, Vancouver is known for its local, farm to table restaurants where you can eat fresh salmon and other delicious fare that is caught or harvested that day.

  1. Go to the science museum – if you are fascinated by science, you definitely want to spend a few hours at Science World. You can learn about different animal species, how whales communicate, and a whole host of other information and knowledge about the scientific world. If you are a teacher, you will pick up a wealth of information for your students. In the end, even if you are merely curious, you definitely want to visit this museum.