India is as diverse and as varied as it can come in terms of culture, traditions,   and lifestyles. For a traveller, it’s a great mix of both Pilgrimage and Tourist destinations to experience. A question however, lingers—Is travelling in India possible with minimal spends? Answer is—Yes!

Travelling Cheap in India What Options to Go with

With a proper travel planning, you can actually travel to dream destinations with minimal savings. There are cheaper options to travelling and booking tickets.

Travel agents: The proliferation of travel agents and introduction of online travel booking platforms have changed the dynamics of the travel industry. In order to stay in competition travel agents are finding means to creating packages for cheaper travel and accommodation. Travel agents and tour operators, in an effort to compete with travel booking sites are adopting advanced Travel booking engine software and tour operator software to provide varied cheaper options and ensure customer loyalty. You could check with these agents on the best prices for ticket and accommodation.

Low budget tour operators: There are many tour operators who provide very basic budget packages based on the destination area. From booking to bed to food, these operators provide various options under various budget segments. Look for such tour operators and get to know everything in detail before going with them. Some of these tour operators use the online tour booking and reservation system software which helps in finding the best hotels and food joints based on your budget requirements.

Low-cost Airlines: We have quite a few budget airlines operating in India that offer a no frill flight option for people looking to reach destinations sooner. In fact, the advent of low-cost carriers has changed the face of travel within India with players, such as – IndiGo, Spice Jet, AirAsia amongst others operating flights to several destinations. These airlines have upgraded their airline reservation systems to facilitate both advanced and last moment bookings. Booking in advance helps reduce the price of tickets in a big way. So book early!

Take the road:The country has one of the largest road networks in the world operated by both government and private bus operators. Travelling by bus to desired destinations is way cheaper in comparison to travel by air. In fact, the bus is the answer to reach the most remote locations in the country as state owned transportations ply buses to these remote locations making them accessible to the larger public. The government buses are the cheapest mode of transportation and though less luxurious, will save a lot of money.

Trains: A train journey can be rewarding, along with providing a view of the natural landscape throughout the journey, the travel by train provides a great alternative to flight if time is not your concern. The Indian railway, with the 3rd largest network in the world runs several trains to several major tourist destinations in India.

Packaged deals: Look for good package deals from the tour agents, there is no harm in bargaining for a better package and price. A package deal that brings about everything from tickets to accommodation to taxis and to even sight-seeing helps you save a lot. You will have a better bargaining power with these agents if you are planning a trip as a group. Since agents collaborate with the other stakeholders, there is a shared gain for all of them prompting better discounts for a group travel.

Budget stays: In case you are travelling alone or are backpacking, opting for a budget stay saves money. A good number of hotel chains are coming up with budget versions of accommodations providing cheaper stay options by limiting the number of amenities provided. Hostels and dormitories are other great options, especially if you are travelling on your own or with a bunch of friends—simple rooms with a bed and shared washrooms are what make the hostel stay much cheaper. Though, you will need to keep in mind that hostel accommodation may not be available in all the tourist destinations. It is always good to do some research and find cheap stay options and book in advance.

Food: Eat cheap but healthy food! There are a lot of places that provide good, tasty, and healthy food options across the length and breadth of the country. Look for and prefer the local food joints that are known for tasty and healthy food. Beware of places that sell cheap and non-healthy food.

Plan expenses: If you have already decided on a place(s) to visit, then do some research and understand the budget required to undertake the trip. Based on this understanding, begin saving for your trip. Incase you have already decided on the budget to spare for your trip, plan the expenses and travel based on the budget.

Whatever be the situation, avoid unnecessary purchases that will eat into your budget and factor in for the additional expenses, such as impulse buys, medication, and so on as part of the budget.