Want to feel and look better? Leave behind your bad habits and incorporate some of these top health trends into your daily life. Here are some expert tips on what’s trending this year.

Mindful Eating

Once common sense, but often forgotten now in the chaotic rush of modern life, mindful eating  requires you to be more aware of not only what you eat but how you eat it. Yes, smart food choices go a long way towards your overall health and wellbeing. Becoming more conscious of taste and texture when selecting what we eat, along with eating slower instead of wolfing down whatever is convenient, not only increases how much you enjoy each meal, but also has benefits for your digestive system. It allows more time for food to be properly digested according to holistic nutritionists.

Taking a little more time when eating to thoroughly chew and digest food results in a reduced calorie intake, better nutrient uptake by your body and therefore mindful eating is an ideal way to control weight gain and be kind to your body at the same time.

Top Health Trends For This Year

Express Exercise

We all lead busier lives than our parents and grandparents did, and fitness professionals recognize this. The latest trend for express exercise routines and workouts which be done in a 20-minute session (or even less) continues to grow in popularity.

Emphasis is more on quality of exercise now rather than how long we spend sweating it out at the gym or health club. Best results are achieved when these shorter sessions incorporate moderately vigorous routines to optimize the conditioning effect on your body.

Dieting is Out (well, almost)

There has been a decrease in the number of people using crash diets and fad diets to try and shed pounds or control their weight. The message about healthy eating and lifestyle choices with a balanced and manageable approach to both weight and general health is stronger than ever.

This balanced and long-term approach has proven to be more effective than any of the trendy diets we’ve seen over the last few decades in terms of improved weight control and leading a healthy and happy life. More and more people are now adopting sensible eating, regular exercise and other smart lifestyle choices.

Wearable Fitness Technology

Apple’s launch of the iWatch has a lot to answer for. It’s predicted that wearable technology will become incredibly popular this year and lead to even more people becoming conscious of their health and what impacts it.

Tracking calorie intake, counting steps, and monitoring sleep are just some aspects of wearable tech that many people have already made part of their daily routine – and that’s only going to increase as wearables become more prevalent.

The amount of data these devices provide you with is mind blowing! But the important thing is that they put you directly in control, as you can see exactly how many calories you consume, how much energy you burn up and much, much more. Improving your health has never been more addictive – thanks to wearable technology.

Home Relaxation Therapy 

For many years, people have known about the benefits of a host of health treatments traditionally provided by exclusive spas, health clubs and five-star hotels. Once reserved for the wealthy few, their development and popularity have resulted in almost any type of relaxation therapy being available to install in your very own home, without breaking the bank.

Forget about remodeling the kitchen or constructing a conservatory – today’s home improvement projects include the installation of steam showers, whirlpool baths and many more items all aimed at allowing you to enjoy health, beauty and wellness treatments in the privacy of your own home.