The way you pour your beer will affect the taste, flavour and freshness. Pouring beer into a pint glass to obtain a perfect taste requires a few simple tricks. You need to learn the right angle to hold the glass while pouring the beer. Whether you are pouring your beer from a tap, can or bottle, you can achieve a perfect pour every single time. Practice the following tips each time you pour your beer to get that perfect refreshing taste.

How To Pour The Perfect Glass Of Beer Every Time

Rinse The Glass Properly

Always start with a very clean glass. Don’t take this step for granted because leftover oil residue, dust, blemishes. or chlorine deposits in the glass will destroy the beer’s precious foamy head and affect the taste and flavour of the beer. This is particularly important when you are drinking craft beers which usually have stronger aroma and taste better than the mass produced lager beers. So to ensure that you have a clean glass, rinse it again before you start pouring your beer.

Tilt The Glass At About 45 Degrees

Before you pour the first drop of beer, tilt your glass at a 45 degree angle relative to the stream of liquid coming from the tap, bottle or can. Then adjust your glass slightly until the liquid falls in at the centre of the slope of the glass. The 45 degree angle will allow the beer to move down the glass smoothly without splashing back up on the side. Achieving a smooth flow will reduce the amount of air that follows the beer into the glass. It will also impede the formation of excessive foam before you have poured out a sufficient amount of beer.

Straighten Up the Glass Gradually

Slowly tilt up your glass to a 90 degree angle when the glass is about half full. Once you’ve straightened the glass, pour the rest of the beer right into the centre. Increase the gap or distance between the tap and the glass. Pouring the beer from a greater height will permit more air to come into the beer to produce foam. You may stop pouring when the foam bubbles are just above the tip of the glass. This step is very important because it helps you to create the right amount of foam head at the top of your glass. To create a perfect pour, you should have at least half an inch to one inch of foam head in your beer.

Keep the Foam On For As Long As Possible

Now that you have poured your beer with a perfect foam head, you should do your best to preserve it. Remember that this head consists of carbon dioxide bubbles which eventually disappear as the gas bubbles burst. But the head can help you to enjoy stronger flavour. You will also appreciate the aroma of the beer as you take the first sip. If you are using a slim beer glass, you can increase the distance between the tap and the glass to create a bigger foam head.

Pouring your beer the proper way, as explained above, can bring out the best in presentation, taste, aroma and appearance of your favourite beer. With a little practice you will soon master the art of creating that perfect pour, not only for your favourite beer, but for any kind of beer you want to drink or present to someone else.