Marble is a beautiful stone with a timeless and luxurious feel to it. There really is no other stone that can fully substitute the lavish feeling of a marble floor or installation for an example. However, tending to it is a constant obligation- there are things you can do to prevent staining and dirt piling up, or other damages, and certain ways of cleaning the marble if these things do occur. It is also very advisable to have professionals do a bit of maintenance work on your marble every once in a while.

Prevention Methods

Because maintenance of marble is such an ongoing process, you ought to do everything you can to keep it as stain-free as possible. There are some things you could also do to prevent scratches and erosion of the stone, as it is very sensitive. First of all keep a good quality doormat in front of all marble-floored surfaces. By getting dirt or salts in from the outside, you risk leaving scratch marks on your floor which is irreparable. Also try avoiding putting marble floors in areas where food is prepared or where your pets have access to- their claws could also scratch the floor and food could make stains.

How To Take Proper Care Of Your Marble Floor

Sealers – Yes or No?

There is a lot of controversy about different kinds of sealers for your stone tiles and installations. There are different kinds of sealers, but if you do decide to use one, opt for one that will allow the stone to breath- regular wax will shine and polish it, but will close the pores of the marble which can cause the veins to rupture creating spalling. Sealers will prevent slipperiness of the marble and will help with dealing with stains, but you will have to sand and polish the stone more frequently which is not good for it.

Proper Maintenance

Marble is a stone that required daily care. To avoid staining and dirt build-up you have to mop your floors every day. It’s best to do so with warm water and with a cotton string or microfiber mop. Avoid any kind of detergents and acidic substances as they will cause scratches and lead to the loss of shine. If the stains are too thick and resistant, try using a highly diluted mixture of clean, warm water and ammonia. There are also special solutions for cleaning marble which could be found in hardware stores or floor cleaning specialist shops. It is important to thoroughly read the instructions on the package and ask the retailer any questions before putting the product to use so as to avoid damages.

Professional Help

Around every month to three moths you should have a professional do a bit of maintenance work on your marble floors.  However keep in mind that doing shining and polishing very often can be harmful for your marble because it uses certain chemicals and sanding methods. In order to avoid going through this process very often, regularly maintain your floor and keep it sand, dirt, salt and claw free. However, if you have chips and cracks happening or your marble is looking worn down, you should restore it as soon as possible. Either try this on your own, or call a skilled professional to do it for you.