Outdoor events aren’t just reserved for the summer. An outdoor event in the winter months can bring with it a huge amount of charm and be a truly memorable day out for all. Before starting to create such an event, keep these five simple tips in mind.

You can’t control the weather

It is important to remember that all year round in the UK the weather can be temperamental, and this is especially true in the winter. So instead of hoping for sunshine and running the risk of your event going wrong rather swiftly, account for the possibility of rain, snow, or cold weather and ensure that you have put plans in place to guarantee that any weather condition will not affect the success of your event.

Keep on top of weather forecasts and plan accordingly, but also be prepared for any surprise weather that may come your way.


Muddy shoes may be acceptable for a festival environment, but if you are planning a wedding or corporate outdoor event, expensive shoes and mud are not the best of bedfellows.

It is therefore important to invest in a temporary walkway. The best around come courtesy of Portapath. With a temporary pedestrian walkway in places, you will not have to worry about the weather affecting the ground.

These walkways are vital for any kind of outdoor event, especially in the wintertime, and will be an investment that you will certainly not regret.

Top 5 Tips For Planning An Outdoor Event In Winter


Giving out waterproof ponchos, perhaps those that carry your company name in the case of a corporate event, is a great way to add a level of entertainment to poor weather conditions.

Made popular at festivals over recent years, waterproof ponchos can be given out or sold for a small charge and can be a great deal of fun as well as very useful for battling the British weather.


Any event benefits from entertainment, and a winter event is no different. If your event is entirely outdoors, then there are risks attached to choosing and arranging certain types of entertainment.

It is therefore very sensible to invest in a marquee. This does not have to be large, as your guests do not necessarily have to fit underneath it. As long as your entertainers and any electrical equipment they have is covered, you will be okay. Marquees will tend to withstand fairly extreme weather conditions, although obviously they are not fail-proof.

Make winter your theme

When you are running an outdoor event in the winter, you need to ensure that it does not feel like an event that would’ve been better had it been set in the warmer months.

The best way to deal with this is incorporate the time of your within your theme. Winter wonderland themed events are rising in popularity and there has never been a better time to jump on the bandwagon.

Fake snow, Christmas music, and anything else that can make your event feel as festive as possible is a great idea, and you can still have a stylish event.

Outdoor events in the winter event can often take a little more work than their summertime counterparts, but if you work hard and remember these five hints, then you can host an event so successful that you’ll want to do it every year!

Henry Savage is the Director of All Weather Access, a ground protection and Trakmat hire company. Henry is an expert in ground protection and is skilled at matching the best ground protection solutions to his customers’ requirements. Follow @AllWeatherAcces for more great tips like this.