Business owners and company executives have been told for years now that a strong digital presence is essential in building a successful brand in the 21st century. When they take heed, create a blog and gather up content that’s fit to represent their brand, many are confronted with a frustrating question: Now what?

Getting that content is one challenge, but getting it seen by target users is a whole other endeavor. Luckily, Compendium is coming to the rescue with the release of the third iteration of their corporate blogging software. Why is it special? It takes aim at the “now what” and streamlines the process of getting posts onto blogs/social media in with necessary workflows.

Automated Solutions

Compendium Version 3.0 promises to help businesses avoid the chaos that ensues when content is created for multiple blogs from multiple sources and without an operational scheme tailored to a company’s specific needs. This latest version helps businesses avoid a content creation meltdown by first establishing approval workflows and layers. This is a flexible system with author and editorial hierarchies determined by the customer and as simple or complex as they choose. Completed blogs are auto-tagged by software and then automatically posted to any one or more of the company’s external customer blogs in addition to appropriate internal corporate blogs.

Automating the processes and scheduling functionality frees up time from the tedium of blog management.

Connectivity Solutions

One of the most frustrating experiences as an online marketer is amassing a king’s ransom of high quality content only to have it fall under the radar because no one knows where to find it. Social media is a de facto solution to these issues, but the management of social campaigns in addition to blog administration is a tall order, especially when the network of blogs and bloggers reaches into the quadruple digits.

Compendium automates — to the extent of the customer’s preference — “social media integration” or auto posts to all major social media sites. Sharing buttons for different media or emailing content links allows customers or employees to share blogs of interest on their personal social sites. These tools are convenient, but hardly groundbreaking on their own. However when combined with “content generation tools,” these standard features become more powerful. Theses tools include streamlined “web-to-post” features allowing customer stories, photographs, video or feedback to be easily integrated in a blog post. “Email-to-post” allows for the same ease of sharing between these two venues. An application-programming interface (API) allows customers to plug their current content channels into their blogs, such as customer service survey results, for instance.

In this day and age all brands need to have a digital presence. Compendium is one of the many blogging software companies on the market, but its recent updates help guide marketing teams after the content creation is complete and gets the content in the places it needs to be on time, which of course results in more brand views, recognition and hopefully conversions.

It’s about time.