Here are a few incredible experiences you may wish to undertake in 2017. These amazing sights and activities and waiting for you to discover and enjoy.


The Nile conjures up images of mystery and intrigue along with temples and pyramids. Take a cruise down the Nile from Aswan to Cairo, taking in all the sights, smells and history of this fascinating country. Sail on board a traditional Felucca sailing boat and sample the local cuisine.

Take a hot-air balloon flight at sunrise over the Valley of the Kings for a truly spectacular and awe-inspiring experience. Or climb down a shaft inside one of the astonishing pyramids and stand in the central chamber underneath a colossal amount of huge, intricately laid stone bricks.

Take a ride on a camel around the Great Pyramids of Giza in Cairo and see the Sphinx, or perhaps ride a donkey and see how many of the locals get around.

If nature is more your thing, head to one of the resorts near Hurghada for some stunning snorkelling and diving, and experience the fabulous marine life of the Red Sea.


For shorter adventure tours Morocco is an ideal choice. Not only is it a short flight time at under four hours, but it promises warmth and exoticness in abundance. Immerse yourself in North Africa’s most colourful culture and the intricately maze-like souks of Marrakesh. Gaze at the snow-capped mountains and enjoy the snake charmers within the historic walled city.

If you want to explore the Atlas Mountains, there are many adventure tours that will take you overland, perhaps ending on the beaches of the Atlantic coast. Camp out under the stars in the desert for a truly mesmerising night-time experience, and trek by camel across the magnificent sand dunes of the Sahara.

Finish your trip with some relaxation and perhaps water sports on one of the Atlantic coast resorts in Essaouira.


This Arab country is renowned for its historic sites – in particular Petra. Travel from Amman to the large and well-preserved Roman site of Jerash and explore the impressive ancient monuments and buildings which demonstrate the Roman Empire’s ability to be so far-reaching and dominant at its peak.

Float in the unusually salty Red Sea for some relaxation and therapeutic time. Take in the sights and smells of the country as you travel through olive groves and rural Jordanian villages, and perhaps even stop at Mount Nebo for sweeping views of Israel.

Petra is unique and unforgettable. Carved into the rock face, this iconic archaeological site lay undiscovered for centuries. For a truly special experience, why not try the Petra by Candlelight tour?

Wadi Rum is a fantastic place to experience true Bedouin hospitality and perhaps take an overland 4×4 safari through the dazzling desert. Surrounded by steep imposing cliffs and other extraordinary rock formations, this wonderful site makes for a breathtaking experience.

Decide which experiences appeal most to you, and then plan your next adventure trip accordingly for a fantastic and inspiring 2017 tour.