There are plenty of things to see and do when visiting “The Land Down Under,” and that includes enjoying some adult beverages. In fact, Australia tends to show up frequently in lists numbering the best 50 or 100 bars in the world and some on this list have even shown up on top 10 or 15 lists from various travel magazines. Especially if you’re visiting during the heat of summer, sometimes a cold brew is going to be the ticket. If you’ve already taken care of your motorhome hire and are ready for a great drink, then check out one of these five stops, but as always, don’t drink and drive: be responsible.

5 Best Places To Grab A Pint In Australia

  1. Bad Frankie – Melbourne

Located out of Melbourne, Bad Frankie is all about offering a stunning array of what you would call the “All Australian” options when it comes to spirits. Want to taste a Tasmanian whisky? What about absinthe made in the heart of Western Australia? These are just two of many options on a menu that includes a wide array of Australian made rum, vodka, whisky, gin, brandy, vermouth, various liqueurs, and more! In fact, the menu for hard liquors based out of Australia is over 20 pages long.

Try them solo or enjoy one of the many delicious cocktails that are designed around the best features each of these local products have to offer and in no time you’ll be a fan of Bad Frankie as well!

  1. Earl’s Juke Joint – Sydney

So popular they don’t even suffer from not having a website (how’s that for a confident swagger?) Earl’s Juke Joint sounds like the type of place you’d find in New Orleans, USA, and that’s exactly the vibe you get from this favorite Sydney haunt. The house band is known for being able to make the entire joint jump while a selection of specialized cocktails and top notch daiquiris are incredibly popular with locals and visitors alike.

Often mentioned as having the true soul of an old Louisiana Saloon, Earl’s Juke Joint has incredible music, great drinks, and a friendly atmosphere that exemplifies all the best that you imagine when thinking about a true juke joint. Definite must stop in Sydney.

  1. Rockpool Bar & Grill – Sydney

Is it really a surprise the largest city in Australia landed two on the list? A plush bar with an incredibly wide array of drink selections to order from to go with great food, if you’re not into themes but just want great food, great drink, and great service, then Rockpool is one bar stop you’ll want to make!

  1. Lalla Rookh – Perth

Part dining room and part wine store, the Lalla Rookh stands on its reputation for having the best wine list in Western Australia, while also offering a few decent beers. The wine room is a great place to have a few fine vintages from Down Under while also giving you the option to try some Italian food (and burgundy) if the urge hits.

  1. Clever Little Tailor – Adelaide

Classic cocktails made strong, a solid wine list, and an old school “Cheers” type feel really give Clever Little Tailor an old school feel that is hard to find and feels like home the first time you’re there. A great selection of bar snacks to pair with your favorite drinks makes this all the better a place to kick back a few when visiting Adelaide.