Rudyard Kipling had once said about Keylong that “It is surely that God lives here; this is not the place for men”. Keylong, otherwise called Kyelong or Kyelang, is the district headquarters of Lahaul and Spiti, in the gorgeous state of Himachal Pradesh. This spot is an extravagant place where there is religious communities and Buddhism. This town is a desert spring as it rests between the white snow clad mountains and the desolate mountains.

A hidden gem of the charming Kullu Valley, Keylong is still pretty much untouched by the commercial and clamouring human settlements, and is an offbeat holidaying destination, especially famous among biking clubs and solo travellers. Read ahead and know more about this little dreamland in Himachal Pradesh.


The nearest airport to Keylong is the Bhuntar Airport in Kullu, located 170 km from this place. Direct Delhi to Kullu flight can be opted for to reach the airport within 2 hours, and from the airport a taxi or cab can be hired to reach Keylong. The spot is abstained from the rest of the world as overwhelming snowfalls in the Rohtang pass, cuts off all road transport from the end of October to mid-May. Keep this in mind!

Top 4 Hidden Gem Of The Kullu Valley - Keylong

Places to Visit

  1. Kardang Monastery – It is owned and controlled by the Drukpa (red cap) organization of Tibetan Buddhism. This religious community is arranged on a slope of a mountain in Keylong. It is 5 kms from Keylong and its establishment dates back to the twelfth century. It is well known for the works in Kangya and Tangyar volumes of Buddhist sacred writings.
  1. Shashur Gompa – Shashur Gompa religious community is committed to a Zanskari Lama. Bells, chortens, banners and traditional artistic creations make the cloister show up considerably more extravagant. Amid the months of June-July an intriguing Devil Dance is performed by the brightly dressed monks.
  1. Tandi – Tandi is a conspicuous town situated in Keylong, at an altitude of 2573 m. This spot is some 8 km from Keylong and is located over the meeting points of the waterways Chandra and Bhaga. According to one of the intriguing legends associated with the establishment of this place, Chandra, the child of the Moon God and Bhaga, the little girl of the Sun God adored one another. Legend has it that they both absconded and got hitched at this very spot. Sounds romantic, no?
  1. Ancient Fort at Gondla – This is an eight storied Fort constructed in 1700 AD, situated on the banks of River Chandra. The Ruler of Gondla still dwells in this grand fort.The town is populated with Lamas and they have a yearly fair in the town in July.The fort is 18 kms from Keylong and the Gompas in have quite a lot of significance here.

Apart from these places to visit in Kullu’s gem, Keylong, you can undertake various recreational and adventurous activities too here. Some of the most sought after ones include names like trekking, hiking, mountaineering, fishing, rock climbing, skiing, etc.

Have a joyous trip!

Author Bio: Anjali is a professional travel blogger with years of experience in tourism in India. She has an expertise in offbeat destinations and offers travel tips on planning and packages as well.