Bangalore is known for a good number of names, the most popular of them being the Silicon Valley of India. The major reason for it is its central role as a major exporter of information technology from India to the World. It is in fact one of the largest information technology exporter in the country and also is a functional centre for numerous startups and companies as well. This city has a heavy grasp on its share as the technology exporter while it also has a good share of its own history. there are so many folklores and legends popular here who it becomes surprising at first and fascinating later on to see how a city which is so up to date with the modern technology is still so well versed with the long forgotten tales of history.

The Magical City Of Bangalore

The city has served as the capital of the Kingdom of Mysore as the old city developed in the rule of the Mysore Kingdom under the rule of the maharaja of Mysore. Later on, the city existed during the colonial rule or the British Raj as a nominally sovereign unit. Bangalore became the capital of British India when the Britishers shifted their cantonment to Bangalore outside of the Old city who led to a town growing up inside it. The city of Bangalore was made the capital of the state of Mysore after India got independence on 15th of August of the year 1947. Thus Bangalore stayed as the capital of Mysore long until it was declared as the capital city of the newly formed state of Karnataka in the year 1956. So if you are a history lover, you should check out the numerous points of interest in the city who will remind you of our glorious past. You can choose a hotel suitably who lies in close proximity with your places of interest so who you can have a locational advantage. Check out the large number of hotels in Bangalore and enjoy your stay here.

You can enjoy the large number of theme parks and adventure parks in the city if you want to have some fun with your family and friends. It also has its share of peaceful vantage points to enjoy beautiful views of the city. With a quite multi cultural social fabric, the city has a good number of places of worship as well. Further you should try out the large number of restaurants in Bangalore who cover up all major cuisines. This city is bifurcated into two major parts, namely the city and the cantonment, who have been developed as exclusive units long until they were merged in 1949. The city has got its new name Bangaluru  in the year 2006. It is basically a Kannada name. Bangalore is currently the headquarters of significant organisations such as WIPRO, Infosys and ISRO. So no matter what your interests are, you will find a reason to roam around in this city. Further the city has a lot of hotels who will provide value for money accommodation at affordable prices if you are looking for a budget stay. So check out the cheap hotels in Bangalore and enjoy your visit here.

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